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    too many cues

    Have 3 low cost cues in 19-20 oz range. balance 18.5 to 19.5. Joss,viper, cheap blackheart. Viper bought to test if I liked heavier cue. Honestly for a cheap cue I like it, like Joss bought cheap on ebay. Oddly discovered-like forward balance of 20-20.5 or slight back but hate mid balance. The...
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    Right brain-left brain hogwash

    I read the thread on this and like Fred, I came out 'balanced brain' on that tickle test. Actually there is no such thing as right/left brain. It is just a simplistic concept some psychologists or other types came up with to help people understand why some tasks are difficult for them and others...
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    Trick shots and physics

    Having come up with a trick-shot which appears to require lots of skill,(one of those things that just flips into one's brain) in fact, it appears more difficult than anything I have seen on TV or heard of, and perhaps more difficult than the one resulting in someone who was able to go 11 rails...
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    Curvature away from the tangent line

    Let's for hypothetetical purposes assume 2 givens: 1)the student has an accurate stroke and cb hit 2)The student has good ball speed control. In terms of curving the ball away from the tangent line, I have a few questions. 1) In putting top or bottom on the cb, will the cb curve away from the...
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    When you go to another APA franchise?

    We moved about ten minutes north of where we were and found out we were in a different APA franchise. We wrote down the apa numbers from our previous franchise and showed them our APA cards, so it is not like we did not provide the appropriate information. Tonight when we went to league, they...
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    What is the longest that you have stayed in the zone?

    For me, my longest has been two hours. I was wondering if anyone has stayed in there for much longer (and I do not mean deadstroke). Laura
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    Thank-you Gremlin!!!

    Well, again, I thank-you for your signature line. It has helped me so many times over the last months. I finally have gotten diagnosis, it seems, with this weird neurological disease, which is taking out my left leg. So over the last year, your signature has helped to give me courage, whenever...
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    Cues on ebay

    Thinking that it is not good to have only one cue, in case something happened to my Scruggs, I bid on this Joss, that was on ebay. So I got this really good deal on it and I was surprised at how nice it hit and how nicely it was balanced. Well, I visited ebay yesterday and there is a jump cue...
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    Putting up a new pool table

    We ordered a new pool table (9x4 1/2) for the house we just moved into. It is supposed to arrive on tuesday. We are looking for a professional type person who puts up pool tables. The company we bought it from advised that we not do this ourselves but to have a professional to do this. Does...
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    Back hand english

    Drivermaker several times referred to this in the deflection thread so thought it would be nice to hear about it in its own thread. The only experience I have with this is in the case where a person is putting unintentional backhand english due to a stroke irregularity. As far as doing this...
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    Playing the table

    I come into the match, confident, focused and relaxed. Typically I come in believing I will win. Then I am put up against someone better than me like an sl5 or something. I play well and sometimes beat them. I think my worst mental error is when I am matched against a weaker player. I think it...
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    Anybody use a blackheart and did you like the hit?

    I know lots of people who use his cues and like them. He, once sent me some pics and they were very pretty. Unlike scruggs and blud, Jer is just a nice guy, who is a machinist, and enjoys making cues for people that they can enjoy.Since he has a regular, non cuemaking job, he has a waiting list...
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    What is your personal eye pattern?

    Since jake brought this up in reference to tomcincy, I will take a bite. This is not just about whether you look at the object ball last or the cueball last but the movement of a person's eyes during the preshot and the shot. In my preshot, I look at the cb on the forward stroke and at the ob...
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    APA-What is the deal with them?

    Does anyone know at what point a person gets bumped up in APA? I played this guy last night. He was new to the league. He lost his first match as a 4, then strung 6 straight victories playing 2s and threes. I think he pads his innings, but still, that is 6 victories out of seven. He is still...
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    My public apology to Fast Larry-long

    This will more than likely be my last post for awile because I have to pack the rest of my stuff and be out of here by this weekend with my dogs because we are moving and only have about two weeks to get ready for the painters. I will be in my home town until our place is closed on and Ray and...
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    wei table

    Larry, I do not see what this has to do with any particular forum. Here is the link: Here is the code. Just a sample. START( %A\2G0%BL7P8%CJ5O4%DL7N1%EM7P1%FK6P1%GK6N8%HM7N8%IL7O4%JK6M5 %KJ5P7%LJ5N2%MK6Q4%NJ5R0%OJ5M0%Pg9V9%W\6H5%Xg4V7...
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    Tournament/league distractions

    I was having trouble concentrating on my practice on my home table. I am sure the competition is part of that but yesterday I found out another reason. Coming from a barroom background and then our apa league matches where there is a lot of noise and movement between tables, wait persons...
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    Paying the price?

    I have heard people talk about paying the price of early abuse of drugs and alcohol. I have a slightly different story. I was diagnosed with back and neck problems at age 12, but chose to go full tilt anyway, a lot like gremlin's sig line. At 30, when I was really into karate and busy pushing...
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    Falcon Tour

    The falcon tour is in Rockville, Md again this weekend. My husband wants to play in it and is trying to talk me into playing in the women's part. Have not decided yet but know last time that some really good pro men played. Anybody here playing in this event? Laura
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    Balance and pool

    I always thought that when I did not hit the ob where I was aiming, this was due to either a stroke glitch or a cb error. After not playing for a week, I found that I was losing my balance ever so slightly at crucial times. It was pretty minute, but enough to make me miss the shot. I cannot...