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    Hello, do you still have the Gina cue please? Consider trade a Tascarella cue? Thank you.

    Hello, do you still have the Gina cue please? Consider trade a Tascarella cue? Thank you.
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    Tad Custom Cue with Tad Case

    Do you sell the cue only please?
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    Tascarella cue

    Willing to sell this beauty. Standard length and tip dim. Butt is 15.9oz, one shaft is 4.2 and the other one is 4.3, one is brand new. Both 13mm. Asking for $2000USD shipped world wide. Will need TT transfer and the price including bank fee. Thank you.
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    Tascarella cue

    Just wondering if any Tascarella cue with 5-16/18 pilot joint pin willing to trade a 5-16/14 pin loaded Tascarella cue please PM. Thanks.
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    Southwest Shaft

    Hello, just wondering if anyone got a cheap Southwest shaft for sale, as soon as it is straight, don't mind weight and dimension. Please Pm if anything available. Thanks.
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    Cheap custom cue

    Below for sale a cheap custom cue made in Taiwan and a SS360/2 shaft combo. The cue cost me around 650usd and shaft was bought from seybert last year. All items are deadly straight. The cue is brand new, only test hitting. I am now looking to get a higher cue need some cash. Will do 459usd...
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    Hello, I am looking for a cue butt with 5-16x18 pilot joint. Prefer SS joint and BEM forearm with/without points. Please PM me or email for pics and pricing, below $400 will be great. Thanks a lot.
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    Omega DPK

    Hello all, I have an Omega/DPK cue and one custom cue made in Taiwan called "BUDA", would like to get these to trade a Gina or Tad cue worth around $3500 -4000. The Omega/DPK cost me around $3000 and the Taiwanese cue cost around $600. Would like to treat them as $3200. Can add some cash on...
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    Cue joint question

    Hello all, just wondering if there is a thing to put a shaft with different pin size on a butt. For example, to put a 5-16/18 pin on a 3-8/14 butt like a joint transfer part. Or can anybody make this. Thank you for helping! Sent from my iPhone using AzBilliards Forums
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    Omega/DPK shaft

    Hello, if anybody has an Omega/DPK shaft to sell, please let me know. Looking for one at least 13mm standard taper please. Thanks.
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    Trade a rick howard cue

    Hello there, I have a fancy 6 points Rick Howard cue, would like to trade a TAD cue, or Richard Black cue with 5x16-18 joint. Please let me know if anybody interested. Thanks a lot!
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    Moori tips on seyberts

    Hello, just wondering anybody tried the Moore tips on seyberts website? Are they real ones? How do they play like? Thanks.
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    Rick Howard

    Hello anyone got a Rick Howard cue for sale, please PM or send pics to my email: Thanks a lot!
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    Wtb 4p4v butt

    Hi, I am looking to buy a butt/cue of 4 points 4 veneers with 5-16x18 piloted joint. Please PM if you have any. Thank you.
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    4 points cue

    hello, looking for a 4-points basic cue with SS 5-16x18 piloted joint. with or without veneers are all right. please pm prices and pics to thanks.
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    Richard black

    Hello guys, have searched but not found much information of Richard Black cues. Anybody have feedback or review of it? How does hit feel like? And also not many of his cues for sale. Please comments. Thank you!
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    5/16x18 joint with wooden thread

    Hello dear makers, just wondering if it is possible to make a shaft of 5/16x18 joint with wooden thread instead of a brass insert. Thank you.
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    a question of joint type please help

    hello all, I recently bought a cue with 5/16x18 joint, as you all know this is a steel joint with brass insert. the cue is great and plays solid. however, i found a little problem that with using this cue, the follow spin shot is ok but draw back shot is not so sharp, i asked a guy, he said...
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    Gina shaft

    Hello, looking for a Gina shaft below $200USD, please let me know if there is any going? Thanks!
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    a plain custom cue

    Hello all, I am thinking to get a custom cue in low cost, maybe below $300us, just a plain one or a sneaky one with pink ivory wood if possible. want a 5/16-18 joint, anyone know any good hit cue in this price please recommend. Thank you.