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    June 12-13 One Pocket Tournament

    Open to 24 players. One Pocket Tournament in San Antonio June 12-13. Starts 9:00am on June 12. Pays first 6 places. Early registration is Friday night June 11, 2010. Sylver Ochoa has already signed up as well as some local One Pocket Players.
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    New Movie: "Sharky the Pool Prodigy"

    White Bird Movie Productions will start shooting the movie "Sharky the Pool Prodigy" in San Antonio starting May 22 and will continue to shoot for 3 months. The majority of the pool scenes will be shot at the Fast Eddies locations here in San Antonio. There will be many well known pool players...
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    2010 Pool Hall Master One Pocket Tournament

    One Pocket Tournament the "Pool Hall Master" One Pocket Tournament will be held at Banana's in San Antonio Texas on June 12-13. Tournament open to 24 players. Players will be rated "A", "B", Or "C" Call Joe Santos at 210-835-6404 for more information.