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    Nice 2x2 or 2x3 case wanted

    Is this still available?
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    Looking for a cue.

    Let me know if you are interested it’s in mint condition
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    Sold STL-8 for sale

    Good deal
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    Joel Hercek, Richard Black, Rusty Melton…

    What kind of felt is on your table?
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    Sold Predator, Carmeli and Mike Bender for Sale

    Pm sent for Carmeli
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    Sold James White - JMW conversion. Brand new. Just delivered

    What are the specs on this cue
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    I would love to see some roger petitt cues

    If you still have these cues would you sell either one?
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    Sold …..

    Very nice old valley house cue conversion
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    Buster break cue from showcase

    Looking to purchase old buster cue from showcase billiards
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    Sold …..

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    Sold ..

    This is a really nice one of a kind Tony sauer 300 OBO motivated to sell to this cue is dead straight and super clean this is a great chance to get a custom cue for cheap you will not find a better deal.
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    Sold Douglas Moore 2022 full splice

    Douglas Moore 2022 Low deflection shaft 58” played very few games with this cue. Ebony with a fancy ring into birds eye maple with a radial pin 350obo
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    Predator BK3 break cue

    Is this still available
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    Tony Sauer

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    Sold Kevin Varney Birdseye and Ebony

    250 right now
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    Tony Sauer

    Nice Tony sauer for sale or trade up I can add cash LMK 750.00 19oz 12.8mm 3/8 -10 pin
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    Looking for a Tony sauer cue

    I am looking for a Tony sauer whatever you have LMK
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    Phillippi cue

    no thanks