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    You thought you've heard all the pool arguments

    He is a bad person and bad competitor, very skilled sure but plays every unethical angle he can to mentally fuck with his opponent among other things. He is the embodiment of what is and always has been wrong with pool. Never seen him play on his own money and it’s interesting that someone like...
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    Best Custom Cuemakers?

    Treadway, Diveney are good options. 2 years or so I believe, much smaller time frame than many others.
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    Mika V De Luna Controversy....

    Absolutely correct
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    Mika V De Luna Controversy....

    Both people are very well known for their attitudes and “moves” (aka being a piece of shit human) , them playing each other is just a recipe for this basically every time.
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    2017 Sugartree, Diveney kwood

    Price reduction
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    2017 Sugartree, Diveney kwood

    For sale is my playing cue ( being replaced so I’m letting it go) 2017 Sugartree , razor sharp recut points, Cocobolo and birdseye (I think). Great shape with only a minor ding or two in the clear coat. Nothing major at all as it was cased when not playing or in a climate controlled pool room...
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    Derby action room - poolactiontv - just bought it

    You are in the incorrect stream link, you’ll want to click on the one that says “live”
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    Dumbest thing you’ve done in a match?

    A few months ago I shot the balls out of order in fair sized tourney. I have been playing for over 20 years and have been a master or higher since I was like 14-15. My opponent had to tell me I did it. Whew that was funny
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    Williston ND

    Not much out there, probably need to find a home table. Fargo has most of the pool and action in ND (which is still very little)
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    Searing Beauty

    Pretty sure this gentleman let me hit a few with it at derby, feels like it not actually a pool cue. It’s something much better you can use to shoot pool if you wanted lol.
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    2022 DCC Discussion Thread

    John is here and saw him on the matches pretty sure.
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    No Music City Open thread?

    The smoke was awful yes, bathrooms are quite bad as well….not really equipped or maintained enough for like 35 people let alone 200+ . The diamond boxes might be the easiest on planet earth, absolute buckets. Overall there was very little action as well.
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    2022 DCC attendance

    I went in 2017-18, so I’m unfamiliar with the layout. Would I need to be walking through smoke for 7-8 days, be around smoke constantly or is the play area far enough away? I also can not handle smoke and don’t travel to tourneys much because of that.
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    New North Demon Cues

    Most importantly though, how do the cues play? Any comparisons? Does this fellow stand behind their work/playability, looks gorgeous and elegant.
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    Banks 201

    No, you’re just making a different game. Banks is basically the only game I play and the rules are very simple and straight forward. Kicking generally is only talked about in ring game formats, players can decide how they want to handle it. The most common these days is 3 rail kick on the last...
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    Banks 201

    Yes, unless it’s the last ball on the table.
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    Banks 201

    The long rail bank that hits off the side pocket point and slides down the rail and in, is a legal shot. It’s basically the only “lucky” shot in the game. It happens every now and again.
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    Tim The Monk Miller has passed on.

    I still use his books and tapes, I went so far as saving my tourney winnings when I was a teenager to buy the tapes and stuff. Still do many of the drills to this day, rip Monk!
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    Is Schmidt's and charlie 626 Legit

    Maybe rub your two brain cells together faster next time, you could come up with something a lot better. Rooting for ya!
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    Is Schmidt's and charlie 626 Legit

    This thread highlights why old people and 80 IQ mouth breathers being on the internet is a gift to us all. Slow Clap