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    Point alignment

    I considered that but haven't tried it
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    Do you watch a lot of pool videos?

    Me too. I don't understand why or what there looking at for so long. Except for the occasional safety battle, the time it takes to walk to the table is generally enough time to know what I'm going to do. If it's down to the last ball to win 50k or whatever and they need an extension to settle...
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    Mid cue extension material...

    It will change the hit, maybe for the better for you. Only thing with aluminum I see is the weight, again though the forward weight may be a benefit for you 🤷🏻‍♂️. What I've learned in my couple years doing cue work is EVERYONE has a different opinion on what's great.
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    Do shimmed pockets play funny?

    Table looks in great condition, fixing the pockets is cheap if they even need fixed, Buy it!
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    Point alignment

    Midwest lathe using a router with 90° bit and I also bought the auto feed for the carriage. Seems to run real true
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    Point alignment

    I can't get my points perfect, sometimes there 1/8" off, sometimes 1/4" and rarely acceptable. Is there a way of adjusting them to perfect?
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    Found pool table, had hatchback.

    Tuff suspension on that car I'd say 💪
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    First Joss cue impressions

    I've played with a few older joss, great cue
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    Who was in the wrong?

    9 pages over earl not hugging LMAO
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    whitch foam to fill carbon fiber shaft

    Those cheap china shafts are fine but all the one's I've put tips on have large ridges running down them, can't really feel it though til it's spinning in a lathe. There's all kinds of different weighted foams I've found. My shafts come out at 4.1oz + - a smidge. I tape off the tip end and...
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    Interesting listing on Ebay

    Let's pretend it's a good price, I'd be damned if I'm taking a 100k in cash and meeting a unknown person to buy a couple cues and cases
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    Few starter cue builder questions

    I started because my closest tip guy was over an hour away. Started with a cheap metal lathe for tips, then progressed from there. Within the first year I spent 8-10k and basically have nothing as compared to a full time builder LoL but I've built a few cues here and there, alot of both wood and...
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    Playing sober, can’t do it

    I gave up alcohol 5-7 years ago, other than a few times a year and it did affect my game badly for awhile especially when getting down to the money the nerves kick in twice as much. After a few months it mostly went away
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    SIB cue tips

    Got my order already that I placed Monday, he's running just fine
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    Slapped on brass ferrule

    What shaft is that? Is it painted or...?
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    Played in 1st tournament in over 10yrs

    Welcome back... Nerves usually controls the game LoL.
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    SIB cue tips

    I've put on a bunch and yet have had anyone dislike them. I placed an order yesterday and got shipment notification so I assume all's well
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    SIB cue tips

    Hope so... His is all I use
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    Reverse tenon ferrule on a wood shaft

    I didn't do mine with a player, but a break shaft and I seen no real changed in anything. Like I said earlier I only did it because McDermott did it first and I wanted to see why. Still don't really know why but it works fine 🤷🏻‍♂️