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    trickshot pool game online

    So I'm bored here at work surfing the net and found this pool game at; If you got time to kill, it helps.
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    test 2

    checking to see if image appears
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    testing to see if i can load a pic
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    New cue from Brent Summers

    I recently purchased an OUTSTANDING new cue from Brent Summers. The woods and ring work on the cue are amazing, and his attention to detail really shines through on his finish of the shaft. It is incredibly smooth!! and the taper is one of the best I've seen. He had advertized the cue as having...
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    A thread dedicated to my fellow partakers of great suds

    Hello all, I did a brief search but didn't find a thread about one of the finer pleasures in life specifically the drinking of good beer. I am one on never ending search to find beer that is not only pleasant to the nose but also very pleasing to the palate. Unfortunately, I had to take a few...
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    Bill (bill the cat) Shubert's Cat cues.

    I would first like to say that Bill Shubert is a real gentleman, he treats you more like a friend than a customer. Here is a link to the cue I purchased; The cue's construction and finish are first rate, I was really impressed. It has a nice...
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    ?removal of brass insert from a shaft?

    I have a canadian made Falcon shaft with a 5/16-14 brass insert. What is the best way to remove the brass insert from it without destroying the shaft? Does anyone know what the threads are for the insert going into the shaft? The reason why I want to remove it is so I can use the shaft on a butt...