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    US Open 9-ball updates thread..

    I like your response to “bar tables.” And I agree that exposure to the game is paramount to maintain popularity. Those “bar tables” have indeed accomplished much of that.
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    Free Online Pool & Billiard Magazine

    I just read that because of Covid , Pool & Billiard Magazine is offering a FREE online subscription to their online magazine for 12 months if you just provide your name and email address. I thought I would alert those who might not have known of this great offer.
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    5,000 Dealers Needed Worldwide

    Work at home. No investment required. No experience required. Market Qblis Chalkless Pool Cue Tip. For details:
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    Free chalkless pool cue tip Free QBLIS Chalkless Pool Cue Tip $20 value 13mm only Send Shipping Info to More info & Installation Instructions : Quantities Limited December Delivery Offer...