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    Tally Board

    Looking for any information on this board.
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    Pool Ball Collecting.

    Any idea about the rules for this set?
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    Pool Ball Collecting.

    What game is the white and black 1-5 used for?
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    Pool Ball Collecting.

    Did you ever find the rules for this game?
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    Korean Carom Games

    I am looking for the rule for two Korean games. The games are called Six ball and Nine ball. I think that both of these games are played on a carom table. The game Six Ball utilizes two white, one red, blue, yellow and black ball. The game Nine Ball utilizes one white and two black, blue yellow...
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    New Rules Book

    A new rule book was just released that is most comprehensive Billiards, Carom, Snooker, and Pool rule book ever written. Well over 300 games, variations and handicap systems. This is a one stop shop, whether you want to learn a new game to play with your friends or are looking for games that...
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    Keno Style board games

    Does anyone have rule sets for the following style keno games: Barnyard Golf, Blackjack, Rummy, Hatta-Boy, Double Cherry, Turf or H.P.Schafer's Combination Recreation Board (keno, Poker and Baseball)? I am also searching for pictures for Hatta-Boy, Double Cherry, and Higher quality photos of...