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    How do you prepare for a tournament

    Like one person said, not being in a rush is key for me. Which is basically all mindset. I try not have the thought process of “I need to get there this early, and do these things to be ready” just go in there relaxed, take your time on each shot, even when warming up. I like to warm up by...
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    What is the Predator vault plate/V-TEk pad?

    Hello, I tried searching for this answer and couldn’t find anything so I apologize if it’s been asked and answered. But are the pad’s or “vault plates” or “v-tek silencers pads” (lol) on the revo shafts just a red phenolic pad? That’s what it looks like to me...but I’m just wondering if anyone...
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    Joint pin loosening?

    This 7/16x11 g10 pin from barringer somehow has been pulled from the butt end of the cue. It's not loose nor can I turn it/screw it back into the butt. It doesn't make any noise but I'm concerned it will eventually become loose and/or hurt the shaft. I assume this happened from tightening the...
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    3/8x10 Tiger X Ultra shaft

    For Sale: Tiger X Ultra shaft 3/8x10 $140 SOLD! Tiger X Ultra shaft in excellent condition PM or email me at with any questions, thanks for looking 29" Black collar 3/8x10 threads 12.75mm Almost brand new kamui black medium No Dingers or nicks Very slight bluing...