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    Mickeys Cue and Brews

    They are done. Owner started selling off all tables last November.
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    Jack Hines Story.

    I run into him in the Long Beach,CA. area all the time. He plays a lot of bar tournaments. Mike Massey came through town recently. He had some conversations with Jack. He can confirm Jack is here.
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    Most underrated traditional style custom maker

    Jerry Rauenzahn and Jensen fit the bill.
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    RIP Fujiwhopper

    I was there when Neil played Keith at Rack n Cue billiards in Stanton,Ca. , around 1997 or 1998. Small stakes. I asked Neil his thoughts after the 1st set. He said, "I can hold him off for awhile but Keith just has too much firepower". Neil lost that night but it was a great experience...
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    CSI/Tournament Las Vegas - Total participant question

    Keep in mind, 40% less people was last year, when Vegas required masks for everyone. Attendance should improve, this event, with no masks required.
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    CSI/Tournament Las Vegas - Total participant question

    Masks are not required in Las Vegas. Parking is free outside the CSI event at the Rio. I went in 2015-2016, and again last year. 2021 seemed like 40% less people compared to 2016. I liked it better, easier to get around with less people.
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    ~~>~>~>~~>F/S Jerry Franklin southwest <~~<~<~<~~

    It's on the left side of the 1st pic.
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    Las Vegas

    I would add these 2 to your list; Mickey's Cues & Brews, and Bangin Ballz Billiards. Enjoy.
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    Cue repair Las Vegas??

    Call Joe's Cue Repair, 702.292.1515. A real nice guy, easy to work with.
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    what are the biggest spots you've seen/heard of given?

    Back in the 90's, at Hard Times, I watched Keith McCready give some players "touch a ball and he gets the breaks". He got the cheese 95% of the time.
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    Catfish, Hard Times Bellflower regular (2 nostalgic photos)

    He had the shield because he was security there at Hard Times.
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    Hard Times Bellflower On the Scene

    Your absolutely right. Eddie is out of the picture. The building owner showed up one day with lawyers, the police and locksmiths and proceeded to change the locks on him. A few days prior Eddie left with the 3 cushion tables and some misc. stuff. He owed over a years worth of rent which is...
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    Hard Times Bellflower On the Scene

    HT was on a long term lease for .45 cents a sguare foot. That came to an end last year. Now, the going rate in that area is $1.75 a square foot or higher. It would be very difficult to find a new pool room owner willing to pay that rate for a 25,000 sq. ft. building, with no kitchen or alcohol.
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    WTB John Robinson cue

    I have some available. pm sent
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    Pool Rooms in Vegas

    Same strip mall but 2 different businesses.
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    Pool Rooms in Vegas

    Mickey's is open 24/7. They have 5 Diamonds and 9 Brunswicks that are full size. And about 10 Diamond bar boxes. They are big on league play, I think it's Monday or Tuesday night. Talk to Sean, the owner.
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    Mika Imonen vs. Hawaiian Jimmy 1 pocket match on Feb. 18th. 2pm Live on Facebook

    Match at Good Times Billiards in Lakewood,Ca.
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    Hardtimes Bellflower

    Best of luck to all the people who left sticks behind the counter. Best of luck to the guy who purchased table 2; you got the shaft all right.
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    More cool posters

    p.m. sent
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    Cue info needed

    Contact Fred at Tad's Custom Cue in Stanton,Ca. He can tell you if it's a real Tad or not.