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    HELP - Brunswick Cue Identification - Please Guys!

    If it is in fact a tribute cue, it looks to me like it would most likely be the Brunswick Kling table produced in the early 1900's. And yes, those tables in good condition or fully restored if you can find one are VERY pricey. As far as what this cue is worth I really could'nt say. It doesnt...
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    Sold Tascarella cue.

    I've seen this cue, I've hit balls with it, the cue is more gorgeous in person. Everything you would expect from a Tascarella. If I'm not mistaken, the acrylic in this cue is original Balabushka stock. What I know to be fact is (a) this cue is a monster (b) you can not ask for a better seller...
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    Ebony Wrapless Sawdust Cue with maple and carbon fiber shafts

    I've never heard of them either, but they sure look super nice. Definitely sharp looking cue. Glws to OP.
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    WTB: Tascarella Hoppe

    Want to buy a Tascarella Hoppe, I prefer an ebony butt @ around 19oz but will consider all. Thanks for taking the time to read my post.