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    SHIPPING...still usps after new $15 fee? How do you ship?

    Louis DeJoy still Postmaster General, sent from the private sector to destroy USPS. That has to be it.
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    SVB wrong shot Choice ?

    Any time you let your opponent back to the table you're taking a chance. At the pro level it's probably a bad idea if it can be avoided. That he missed an easy shot is the problem here.
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    2022 World Pool Masters (May 5-8)

    This one is sponsored by the fine people who want you to vacation in Gibraltar. I'm sure they provide accommodations to the whole crew and players.
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    2022 World Pool Masters (May 5-8)

    My crackpot theory is that he doesn't think, or worry too much about shots, leaving it to his subconscious to get it right. Being too deliberate can ruin the process of shot making.
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    JUMP SHOT in Pool … Everything You Need to Know

    Try switching hands, you're welcome.
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    2022 DCC Discussion Thread

    Biden should tell Putin that if he invades Ukraine that we're keeping Gorst!
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    Poor Shane is Trapped !

    I think Shane should post a very public statement on what changes he'd like to see to the format of the MC, the implication that he might not be interested otherwise. The people from matchroom NEED him there! They'd probably just offer him money instead of making changes that they don't want...
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    Seyberts buys Penguin...............

    What do you feed a Penguin? Can you take it to your regular veterinarian? Are they good with kids?
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    SVB vs Chang Update Thread

    I think the word people are looking for is 'Chaiwanese'