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    Bought the new plastic template to line up pool balls for practice

    There was an instructor at a pool hall that had a dozen or so templates for different drills. I believe he used the templates for positioning the notebook reinforcements that covered the table. His were made of stencil stock/ poster board
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    Pressing Irish linen

    I doubt you’ll make anything out due to the low resolution
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    Pressing Irish linen

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    Pressing Irish linen

    I’ve ironed mine for many years. I lay cue down on folded towel, turn on hand iron ( for ironing clothes) to highest setting. Press iron on linen hard while rotating. Just on linen . Better be sure it is linen . Been very happy with the results joss & predator cues from the 90’s
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    Your thoughts on League Operators, Vegas, Trophies

    Interesting , I like the winner gets to call the game this would be a neat twist to have in a tournament
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    Your thoughts on League Operators, Vegas, Trophies

    Played VNEA for 20 years about 20 years ago . Always found it interesting to hear about the other league systems. APA was an hour away, likewise BCA . I had zero interest in state or national events as my job requirements didn’t allow it. I always wondered where the money went as the local...
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    Ensuring that 2 players don't split a big purse:

    Few years ago I was in a tournament that had a Calcutta that was different in the payout. It was designed to stop side deals. Player , if someone else bought him the player got 60% of the Calcutta even though the player and the buyer had no arrangement. I’ve never seen or heard of this and not...
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    Out of interest.

    Story as I’ve heard for 20 years from different sources. Was Archer ran 13 opening set . Busty then ask if Archer wanted to double the bet . Archer said keep it the same. Busty won the next two sets. 2k was the per set wager that I heard. I did see the diamond table signed 13 & out Archer. Other...
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    Out of interest.

    there was a story of Johnny Archer vs Bustamante ? Money game , as the first part of the story goes Archer ran 13 in a race to 13. ( Toledo,Ohio?) story has been around a long time
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    Pool table light

    Someone did a diamond diy clone using metal building studs and led tubes . Cost was quoted as $100. Can’t remember where ( Facebook or Reddit?) they had pictures didn’t look bad , don’t know if they had covered the leds with some sort of diffuser
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    Premier League Pool (PLP) 6-13 March2023, Leicester- Earl makes his debut !

    That was funny had to watch that part again just to make sure what he said
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    World 10-ball

    Gorst/ FSR rack 5 was epic !
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    Diamond pro-am 9ft vs Predator Apex

    recently got to examine a predator table at my trip to Seberts. It’s not horrible but was hoping to see the beautiful rose colored Diamond that was there my last trip. Wanted to show wife as she came along . From my meager experience Diamond would be the first choice with Rasson & gold crown...
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    40’s eyesight changing

    60 years using glasses : Bifocals give close up 0”-18” and far distance Tri-focals 0-18”. Then 18”to around 8’ then beyond. Play pool it’s the mid range Highly dependent “your “ needs At 60+ for me it’s the mids Optical people that care & understand are what you you need .
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    Why running English for multiple rails kicks?

    I’ve been relearning the systems I have learned over 20 years ago. Add YouTube and in the last year I’ve been learning more systems and getting some good results.( some I abandon )The thing on some systems is English used & the zone in which it works. Some don’t do a complete lesson, omitting...
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    Why running English for multiple rails kicks?

    Red line is what I get on my valley bar box. Now in the Jennifer B video the base line is the center short rail to 2 nd diamond long rail ( between side & end rail ) that’s the route to get back to the corner . If running is applied I will miss corner by one full dimond. Funny she says some...
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    Nice new cloth, but...

    This is why I’m so picky on who touches my table ( other than me) Currently screwed ,my trusted people died or retired. Yet another reason it sucks to get old
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    Another Kamui chalk...

    Interesting perspective on making shaft sticky, now you got me wondering if this is a factor that I’m experiencing. It’s not like the whole shaft is sticky just spots of it. ( V -10)
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    Are these good specs for a shorty cue for a tight space?

    I’ve used and carried a 30+ year old meucci super jump cue for years. Not only does it work well for short clearance shot but also for tight congested shots. I haven’t used it as an actual jump cue for many years. It’s 42” long
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    APA Double Hit Rule

    never played APA but did do research into possibly playing in the league. ( to far away) I found from talking to APA players the way it works. My thought was it seemed interesting and to me it could be a good learning experience. Vnea doesn’t allow coaching ( or at least they didn’t use to) The...