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    Nick Varner cues

    Thanks I thought it was probably metric first one I've seen like this.Did you replace one if so what did you do?
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    Nick Varner cues

    What do most of you use to replace ferrule .I 've got one the tenon is threaded 1/2 way down. Just a little larger than 5/16 . Regular 5/16-18 won't screw on. Should I just cut it down and rethread? Tia Paul.
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    Which bumper for this extension?!

    Looks like a 5/16-18 shaft insert?
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    Bumper for wheelchair player

    I saw one guy with a crutch bumber didn't look bad.
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    Everybody Cores SHAFTS , Yes? đź‘˝

    Watch the new McDermott video.they put carbon fiber rod in front of shaft.
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    Tip replacement final height

    Looks good. What tip is that?tia
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    Tip replacement final height

    This is how I like my tips. This is the way I like mine.
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    Best bank dvd to learn basic banks. John brumbacks?

    Look on utube Chicago bugs banks.
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    Pin die 3/8-10

    Rethreading files are very useful with four sides and two ends..goes by threads per inch.I've used mine alot over the years.
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    INFORMATION : on early SCHON made by RUNDE

    I have a sl 7 with a short pin and I read it was only made in 1989.
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    Cue Tip Identification please, thank you

    If I had to guess I would say water buffalo or possibly le pro. Wb first guess.
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    Tip install

    As a player and an installer I do not like it .Put it on straight and if it mushrooms trim it . It only takes a couple of minutes. You should get what you asked and paid for.
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    Strategy question

    I like shooting soft enough to thin ob and stick to it and then if u get bih separate them enough to get cb between them. U can not bank 14 without moving the 8. If u leave cb stuck to your ball your opponent can not put balls back together.
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    Early high-speed billiard video

    That would be good for double hits and 3 cushion ball or rail first?