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  1. Hank

    Whitten cases

  2. Hank

    Cue on the table????

    Does it damage your cue if you leave it out over night on the pool table?Or should I break it down and leave it on the table?Or just put it away in the case?I guess I have a habit of leaving it out.PLEASE HELP! THANK'S
  3. Hank

    The ghost is scared

    The magic rack seems to make wing or 1 ball almost every time.And yes the balls do explode and seperate.It's going to make the game interesting,time will tell. Like to here some feed back.THANKS>>HANK<<
  4. Hank

    ???snooker cues flat butts???

    Why are the snooker cues flat at the butt end's.Is there any advantage?Does any body play with these cues for other pool games? Seems like it could give you a different EDGE or handle on the game.
  5. Hank

    Club memership

    Why are there so many people making $$$$, by selling&trading on this wonderful site and they don't support it.I have a list of over 15 people just this morning who have sales and trades of 10 or more that are not club members.Just got to say that is pretty sad.I think I am going to continue with...
  6. Hank

    Jump sticks rules

    ]Does any one know the specifications or rules on jump sticks?I have one from 1992 we called a bar stool leg.Its 21 inches long and thick metal with a tip and handle.It could jump over any ball easy. Thanks for any help.Tried to add picture can't get it here.
  7. Hank

    WANTED R6 1980 schon shaft

    I am looking to buy a schon 1980 R series stiched shaft..:)
  8. Hank

    Madison BOB cues [GRIFFIN]

    I am looking for any information on Madison Bob cues?How do they hit?How can I reach him? Thanks!