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  1. matt92toy

    Jose parica match

    While watching a Jose parica vs Earl Strickland match from Amsterdam billiards on YouTube there was a pop up saying that parica had a perfect game in a race to 11 he had 11 break and runs, does anyone know of this match or if it was recorded I would love to see it? Thanks
  2. matt92toy

    F/S limited edition Lucasi

    I'm in need of cash and hardly ever play with this cue so I have decided to let it go it is one of the limited edition Lucasi cues produced by billiard warehouse only 100 made, the cue is in mint condition no dings dent cracks or scuffs comes with one 12 mm shaft which i will post a pic of paid...
  3. matt92toy

    cloth cleaning

    i have championship tour edition cloth on my house table and was wondering what to use to keep the cloth clean and how often to do so. i have seen the chalk off and other knock off brands of that but before i order i wanted to see if there was something i could get local like some some kind of...
  4. matt92toy

    my cues

    here is a few pics of my cues #1 is a joss that i bought off a friend i know little about so any info i would greatly apprecate it orignaly had a balck wrap and i had a whits wrap put on in 07 while at the us open also i have the orignal shaft but i shoot with a predator Z2 shaft k here is the...
  5. matt92toy

    new to the boards

    hey guys im matt i live in myrtle beach SC. i am curently shooting on a brunswick 8 ball league but my passion is 9 ball. well i look forward to reading and learning more about pool thru this forum