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    Kamui Chalk - MY Review

    2 years of research. Hi John, Thank you for your reply to my reply. Good products take time to develop and at some point it is ready for the market. But it would be wrong for a company not to improve on what they have already produced. Over the past several years you produced thousand of cases...
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    Counterfeit Kamui Tips- Learn the difference.

    Hi Kamui fans. The time has come for all of us to recognize what is a fake Kamui and what is an Authentic Kamui. We are changing our "look" NOT formula to make sure that YOU, the player and installer is getting a GENUINE Kamui tip. Please watch our counterfeit video...
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    Trouble with Kamui tips?

    I fully understand your thought... Well if we never fixed it, Kamui would not be where it is today. The tip on the far left is 7 years old. If we did not strive to push technology and science to make our product better and more "consistent" then what?... We would not be any better than the...
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    Donation for benefit auction

    Hi David, I shipped out your auction items and a letter. Attached are the official photos of the last 2 #98 Kamui chalk. I numbered them as #699 and #700 as I imported only 700pcs into the USA. 300 for the SBE and 400 for BCAPL Let everyone know! Best regards, John
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    F/S -MEZZ WD700 United Joint W/ Kamui Tip

    I have 8 Mezz shafts WD700 United Joint for sale. They were used at the SBexpo 2011 at the Kamui Booth. Just the shafts only are for sale. RETAIL is $260ea. Tip Diameter: 12.5 mm Ferrule: X Ferrule Taper: WD700 Joint: UNITED •SOLD•#1 WD700 United W/ Kamui Black Super Soft (minor ding towards...
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    Bobby Cotton does a PodCast.

    Hi Y'all, Thought I'd post this for your enjoyment.
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    Are Moori & Kamui tips really worth the money or is it all hype?

    Hi Enzo, Happy Holidays. Thank you for your question. The graph attached explains the extensive research we have been doing since KAMUI™ has started. We understood, that to be the best, we had to understand the best. From there, we took a great deal of time to understand the chemistry of the...
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    Proper Kamui Istallation

    Hi All, We have had some reports of CA being used on the side walls of the Kamui tip during finish stage of tip install.(to make it look shinny) DON'T DO THAT! CA will freeze the elasticity of the tip and make it feel real hard. AND there are other products out there that can cause the same...
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    A Holiday Card from KAMUI

    Hi Everyone, Kamui Japan and want to express our gratitude for your support in the KAMUI™ brand. We look forward to an amazing 2011 year. And as our promise to you, provide you with the best in Playability and Consistent tips on the market today. Please enjoy our ecards...
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    FS Venom Trick Shot DVD

    I have 9 Venom Trick Shot Videos for sale. $21.95ea. free shipping. PM me your order. Thank you! Merry Christmas!
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    FS Kamui TIP case/ FS Kamui CHALK case

    Hi Kamui Fans! **KAMUI TIP CASES** I have one of each color of Tip cases... Tips not included! The Tip Case is $19.95ea.(hand made) Also comes with a leather tip burnisher! *After these 4 are sold - I will take pre-paid back orders to arrive just after Christmas. If you want Kamui Tips to fill...
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    Kamui - new tips

    Thank you for the nice comments about Kamui™ Tips. Please take a moment to look at our new graphic description chart of the New Kamui™ Tips available mid Aug. Remember this about looking at the chart.(give some time to study it) the more elasticity to a tip along with grip = the less "force" you...
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    New Kamui Tips

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    The All New Kamui Tips & Kamui Pub Conference

    Hi AZer's, I want to say a HUGE thank you to all who attended our event on July 15th. We will be posting photos of our fun night some time this week. But right now you gotta see the new tips! The official release date here on US soil will be August 15th. But there are a lot of people who have...
  15. Kamuitipsdotcom Pub Conference 2010

    KAMUI™ TIPS IS BUYING THE DRINKS! Kamui™ Tips is sponsoring the first ever product launch event the Pub Con 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Thursday July 15th 2010. The event will be held at Las Vegas’ original party bar, the Kahunaville Island Restaurant (Located in the...
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    Kamui Pub Conference in Las Vegas!

    Hi all! All are welcome to our First Annual Kamui Tips Pub Conference in Las Vegas, NV. Please go here for the details: This is the press release: See you there!
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    Kamui Tips Available for purchase.

    Hi everyone!:) I have Kamui Tips in stock. Just give me a call. Toll Free 877-GO-KAMUI (465-2684) Or send me a PM. FYI, I sell only to Cue Makers but if you are a player without an installer. I can connect you with one of my authorized installers in your area. Thank you for using Kamui...