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  1. TimmyB80

    Dayton Billiards Table Move?

    Complete! Josh (and the other guy... sorry that I didn't catch his name!) came in and did the move in a couple hours! Professional and as far as I can tell, did a high quality job :) Will be calling them back when I replace rails, cloth, and maybe when I get a light! Thanks guy, and AZ for...
  2. TimmyB80

    Dayton Billiards Table Move?

    Does anyone have experience with the mechanics of (Barry Weaver's) Dayton Billiards? I'm fixing to buy a neighbors Olhausen Gibraltar and I need a mover, possible re-felt, and maybe new rails (I think this table is pre-Accusfast... I didn't see the placard on the rail, and the owner mentioned...
  3. TimmyB80

    Instructional DVD CTE Poll

    EDIT: Stan Shuffett's Pro ONe CTE video or CTE/Pro One video This is the first poll I've created, so if it doesn't work or make sense, sorry! I'm not going to use names, you all know what I'm talking about. I do not have any vested interest for/against the outcome of the poll, the bottom line...
  4. TimmyB80

    [relative] hotbeds of pool activity?

    My wife and I are moving mid-summer from Michigan to Indiana. For some reason, and only through visiting this site, I have it in my head that Indiana seems a relative hotbed of pool (compared to MI). Maybe there are more posters from there, or more tournaments, b/c it's the home of Diamond, I'm...
  5. TimmyB80

    New thread for bashers

    Here is my self-serving narcissistic thread to keep my possibly racist, prejudiced, disingenuous dialogue off of the other thread. That was sarcastic. But seriously, if you want to leave any comments about the other thread, please send all hate this way rather than the other thread. I want to...
  6. TimmyB80

    My best game of 9-ball yet :)

    So I was playing in league (APA...I can sigh if you want!) tonight, and for whatever reason I was really in the groove. We play both 8 & 9, and last session was my first. At the end of last session, I was a pretty solid three in 9-ball, and a mid-three in 8 (from my own judgment). I...