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    No one go to shooters in ct.

    Nvm. It's fair. That is their business. Not mine.
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    FS-McDermott M7Q6 Cue Mint

    Hi, I am selling the McDermott M7Q6 cue for my boss at my pool hall. He finally got a custom and no longer wants his McDermott. I'm not sure why it's mint and it's a great looking cue. It's in amazing condition there is nothing wrong with it at all. It's about 5-7 years old according to him. I...
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    FS-McDermott M7Q6 Cue Mint

    Admins. Please delete. My phone posted twice.
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    2 Shafts For Sale. 1 5-16/14 & 5-16/14 Piloted

    I have 2 used shafts for sale. One is a normal 5-16/14, other is 5-16/14 piloted shaft. They are both normal maple shafts, I believe 3/4'' ferrule. With good use on them. No abuse. Just used. They were both used on my friends meucci and he owns a jacoby now and has no use for them. They have...
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    In Need Of A Shaft

    Looking for a basic, nothing special, dont need a ld shaft or anything. I need a stiff shaft (old-growth/bowling alley) shaft. Or just a high figured Uni Loc shaft. I would like to convert my dads old player to his new break stick. He is getting a new cue, which he will use his high performance...
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    What is the best 'players' joint??

    I am looking to start an order to build a custom. I really like the ivory, but I hear it isnt the best players joint. From what I can gather 3/8-10/11 is a very stiff hit (break material) joint. Uni Loc, IMO does not have the strenght and feels like there is not enough there. The consensus...
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    Fs: 314-2 good price

    The last buyer backed out, so I am putting my 314 back up for sale. It's $155!! shipped conus. No outside U.S. Brand new, only has 5 hours max on it. Still has a kamui II MED more than half left, the tip was installed before a single ball was shot. Also comes with a joint protector and sleeve...
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    Predator 314. Cheap

    I have 6 shaft's for my playing cue, and I do not need so many shaft's. I will consider a trade for another z or ob2/ob classic pro..must be uniloc just like the 314 here. Otherwise, this is for sale for SOLD shipped in us with track. It has been used for maybe 5-10 hours. A small amount of...
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    Fs:predator 314-2 uni loc

    I have acquired a 314-2 in a trade, and I only play with thin shaft's. It is basically new, same tip as was new, no dings/dents, it has a small roll out that every pred has, about 1mm or so. It is not blued, and it is a uni-loc with no collar, wood to wood look. I can provide pics if needed, but...
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    FS: Ikon 2 1st gen. feeler

    Hello everyone, I just got a new cue and need some funds for my other cue that I just ordered, I was just seeing if there was any interest for a predator Ikon2 first gen. with either a z2 ob2 314-2 or anwar shaft. price would vary depending on the shaft. You can contact me through a pm or...
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    Need advice! Bk2 vs. Ob break..whats your input?

    I am about to purchase one of them, I have used the bk2 many many times and I like it with both the phenolic and leather tip. Though it is kind of "flashy" with the big logo's all bout it, and I have had some bad breaks with it. Other hand, the OB break cue, I have used maybe 30 times, and I...
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    Wtb: Predator sp8rw, cannot be aquired!

    I have been trying to get the predator 8POINT SP WRAPLESS all are a must, 8pt wrapless, I will highly consider a steel joint, but would prefer the wood to wood joint. I would like to buy the butt only...I will buy one with the shaft as long as it is in good condition. been looking for one for...
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    Want a lizzard wrap.

    Hi, I am looking for someone that is experienced in installing leather/lizard wraps on cues. I am looking to get my predator ikon 2, that has a leather wrap, re-wrapped with a nice black lizard wrap, I would be interested in other colors, but I am looking for a specific type of wrap print, the...
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    Wtb kamui gator grip-black asap

    Just like it says, I am looking to buy the kamui gator grip in ebony asap. I got one when it came out, but I lost it a week ago at the hall, and now I am grinding through tips in 2 weeks vs. 4-5 with the gator. Please let me know I am looking to purchase immediately.
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    I want a jacoby w/ edge hybrid shaft me what you got

    I recently played with a jacoby cue and really liked it so I'm in the market now. It had the jacoby edge hybrid shaft on it and I love it, so I really prefer to buy the cue with the shaft. But show me either way.
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    McDermott NG05 stinger break jump for sale

    I have a Mcdermott ng-05 break jump cue with the stinger shaft, it has a samsara tip on it right now that was installed less than a month ago. the cue is less than a year old and well kept, I just had it custom wrapped, instead of black and white speckled irish linen, it is solid black high...
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    Looking for a predator 8 POINT sneaky pete wrapless.

    just as it says, i am looking for an 8 point (only no 4 pointers) and it has to be wrapless. let me know what you got, and post pictures of it too. thanks
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    Broken tennon

    hey andi, these are the pics,, please get back to me, it was understandable of how this could have happened after inspecting it and using a micrometer to measure the specs of it..
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    Joss in uni-loc??

    I found the joss jsm-50 cue at my local shop, I would really like to buy it, but it has a different pin than all of my shafts. Joss has always had a 5-16/14 pin in them as long as i can remember and all their cues have been this pin, but I did some research online for this cue and I keep finding...
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    Greg Kucharski..anyone have any? even if not for sale I am looking to buy one.

    I love his work and, there is not much info about greg kucharski and his cues, Idk how much about they cost, and i have been on his site and love his cues, the guy who took me under his wing and tought me how to play had a GK cue and I fell in love with it, and i know he does good prices on his...