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    Idea for pro pool

    Sorry if this has been brought up before or it's a stupid idea but I haven't seen it. Most tournaments I've been to will add more money based on player attendance. This is great for smaller tournaments because enough weak players show up and spend money. For major tournaments the real money...
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    Where is the accu-stats chat?

    I've looked in the action forum, main forum and live feed forum but can't find where it is? I've got the feed going now but would be cool to chat with some people.
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    SVB vs Mika but not Archer

    I saw a picture of the table Mika and Shane are playing on and it looked like a pretty tight Gold Crown. 2 balls didn't come close to fitting in the pocket so I'm guessing it's smaller than 4.5" pockets. Why will Shane play Mika on a tight GC like this but not Archer? Is it due to respect...
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    Does anyone remember a guy named Calvin?

    I was just thinking about an old pool player I saw in Louisiana a while back, maybe 15 years ago? His name was Calvin something but I can't remember his last name to save my life. Some other guys I was wondering about were John Mccarthy(sp?), Jimmy Sanders, Eugene Browning and Buster Merchant...
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    Brunswick cue

    A guy I know was just given a very old brunswick cue... He asked me if it was worth anything so I figured I'd ask... It looks like a 3 piece cue with a brass joint. It has some wood work in the butt, like carvings or something. The cue looks pretty ragged but I thought it *might* be worth a...