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  1. RFranklin

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Hey, at least they got the colors right.
  2. RFranklin

    Sneaky Pete Cues ……

    That was my first true sneaky. 60 inch Schmelke. It is now my "truck sneaky" that I dont mind leaving in my vehicle from time to time.
  3. RFranklin

    Sneaky Pete Cues ……

    I have a Carmeli fancy sneaky conversion that I have really enjoyed. All rings are below the pin so that you can go natural, kielwood or carbon fiber and they look good. It was originally a Dufferin and is 60".
  4. RFranklin

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    78 or later. Back window is a dead give away.
  5. RFranklin

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    250 degrees in 3........2.........1 OUCH! She would have a hell of a story to tell the doctor though.
  6. RFranklin

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    I was in my 20's and broke and a hall I played at used to sell $1 Zima' yes. The bar tender felt bad for us and used to put a shot of peach or green apple schnapps in for an extra buck.
  7. RFranklin

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Made me go back and listen to some of those original Reggae songs. Pure gold.
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

  9. RFranklin

    Best poolroom in Austin?

    Been here since 86. I hate what the city has become. Kind of like the homeless that moved here when the camping ban was lifted, the cost of housing here has also been destroyed by outsiders. I know several officers here that say that the homeless population almost tripled when the ban and...
  10. RFranklin

    ny military or WWII Readers ,students,Free giveaway

    Wwii Not a story but proved if my 14 year old for knowing more than most about WWII. Likes to shoot them too. Wants one of the these for the lease.
  11. RFranklin

    Table ID

    Sure looks like a GC to me. No badges though?
  12. RFranklin

    Lathe setup

    I bought this lathe about 6 months ago and have only used it a half a dozen times on my personal cues. I think part of that is because I'm not totally sure about the setup. I would love any input on to how or what I could do to make it more convenient and effective. Maybe reference certain cue...
  13. RFranklin

    Willard Tipper

    Older Willard tipper. Missing sanding and burnishing strip. Asking $150, buyer pays shipping.
  14. RFranklin

    Willard tipper value

    Anyone know what an old ass Willard tipper might be worth? The leather burnisher and attached sanding strip are missing. Has one collet
  15. RFranklin

    Cue value

    Does anyone know what a Drexler Alexander cue would be worth? Unused.
  16. RFranklin

    Found a lathe

    So I ran across a CL special (that probably wasn't that special, $400) that was in my budget. Mid American lathe with a 4 foot bed. Lots of tips, paper, glue, practice shafts, etc. Also came with heavily used Willard tip shaper and Hightowers book and CD on cue building. I don't have any...
  17. RFranklin

    Rail Systems

    My game has stalled again. I need some recommendations for books or videos on diamond or rail systems to work on.
  18. RFranklin

    Craigs List Find

    Does anyone recognize this cue Pool Cue - $15000 (Spring Texas) Custom pool cue. This is a professional QUE made for the late Great world champion Steve Mazerak. This Q was made in 1984 and custom designed by ( un-named at this time) custom pool cue maker. Steve Mazerak used this exact cue...
  19. RFranklin

    Ron Thomas 1X1

    Vintage grey ostrich print 1/1 Ron Thomas with pocket. Pretty good shape considering it's age. $225 shipped
  20. RFranklin

    Prrof that the cost of a cue doesn't always matter

    I bought an old Thomas 1/1 case that happened to have and plain Jane Miz Collection wrapless. I know it probably isn't worth $25 bucks but I can't miss. Just beat the ghost 7-3 on my old Brunswick using it for breaking too. The shaft on it is not an LD and I am pretty sure the tip is a lepro...