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  1. DukeofDBQ

    Bobby hunter custom cue

    Up for sale is a fabulous Bobby Hunter Custom Cue. This cue was refinished a few years ago by Dennis Searing and played very little since. I have had several very good players test-hit it, including Dennis, and the unanimous opinion is this is a great playing cue. Dennis's comments were...
  2. DukeofDBQ

    James white custom cue = $1900

    This is your chance to buy this James White custom. James learned his craft from the great Paul Mottey, a very highly regarded cuemaker. The cue is in excellent condition. Specs: - Four rosewood points w/ "flame" veneers - Stainless Steel joint w/ piloted...
  3. DukeofDBQ

    Ned Morris "Blue Book" Cue

    Ned Morris "Blue Book" Cue - $2750 This an absolutely beautiful and "loaded" cue. It is featured on page 67 of "The Blue Book of Pool Cues - Third Edition". This is your chance to own a cue featured in the definitive book about pool cues. This is a unique custom cue with a very elaborate...
  4. DukeofDBQ

    Ned morris "blue book" cue

    DELETED. Duplicate post.
  5. DukeofDBQ

    ###f/s –loaded ned morris “blue book” cue###

    My next listing is a stunning and loaded cue by Ned Morris. It is featured on Page 67 of the third edition of the “Blue Book of Cues”. This is a unique cue and has a very elaborate design. The basic configuration is 6 floating points of pink ivory, a rare and expensive wood, into an ebony...
  6. DukeofDBQ

    ###f/s –beautiful dave kikel (“kq”) cue###

    Up for grabs is a beautiful Kikel cue. It is in excellent condition and has all the features you want in a “high end” custom cue. Now for the specs: - Four points of straight-grain cocobolo (or bloodwood”??) into an ebony forearm. - Veneers are black, thin red, black and red. - There are...
  7. DukeofDBQ

    ###f/s –unusual “art deco” schon ltd cue###

    This cue was going to be refinished and put in my collection. I had not seen this design before and to this day have not seen another one. It has a lot of surface dings, the rings have some “lift”, and one of the shafts is very “blue”, but with a $200 refinish by Schon you will have a “KILLER”...
  8. DukeofDBQ

    ###f/s –steal this unique matched set from paul drexler###

    Unique matched set from Paul Drexler. I call this set the “Knights Templar” because the ivory cross inlays remind me of those medieval knights. The set consists of a playing cue and a break cue. There are three shafts for the player and a purpleheart shaft for the break cue. The primary...
  9. DukeofDBQ

    ###f/s –beautiful richard chudy (rc3) cue###

    SOLD-SOLD-SOLD!!! BACK ON THE MARKET!!! I offer a money back guarantee, including all shipping and paypal expenses. This is a USED CUE and has a couple of spots of damage. There is one "scuff" mark in the leather wrap. There are also 3 small "nicks" in the bottom of one of the shafts...
  10. DukeofDBQ

    Foreign buyer payments??

    I just sold a cue to a buyer in Spain. Is PayPal a decent method for him to pay me? Other than the fee are there concerns I should be aware of? Cue will be shipped within the US so customs is not an issue. Thanks for your input.
  11. DukeofDBQ

    Like NEW Mezz WD700 shafts F/S

    I have 3 Mezz shafts for sale. They are absolutely pristine and like new. I bought these about 3 years ago when I was trying to "buy" a better game. I now know that nothing will help my game much except practice. LOL. Anyway, these are really in great condition. 1 - 5/16x14 piloted joint...
  12. DukeofDBQ

    ###f/s – Arnot’s personal cue###

    Beautiful Arnot custom in like-new condition. I recently had this cue refinished by Arnot and the tip was chalked to test hit it. Other than test hits, it Is unplayed since the refinish. Arnot told me this was his playing cue when it was built. A great playing cue, in perfect condition. $...
  13. DukeofDBQ

    The newest “Searing” on the planet!!!!

    Delivered at the ICCS last month, this is the newest masterpiece from Dennis. To say I am thrilled would be the understatement of the year. Let me tell you a little about it: * Ivory over SS 5/16 x 14 piloted joint. * Honduran Rosewood Burl points and butt sleeve. BEM forearm. * Thin black...
  14. DukeofDBQ

    The newest “haley” on the planet

    The newest “Haley” on the planet Delivered at the ICCS last month, this exquisite cue in Ron’s latest. I designed the cue with Ron’s guidance and it has exceeded my expectations in every way. It was one of the most talked about cues at the ICCS. Let me describe it from top to bottom: -Solid...
  15. DukeofDBQ

    F/S - 3 OB-1 shafts

    F/S - 3 OB shafts I have 3 very lightly used OB shafts for sale. Mika Immonen, a spokesperson for OB, sold them to me at the BCA tournament about 4 years ago. The shafts have been very, very lightly used and are in near-perfect condition. My price is $125 each or $325 for all three. I will...
  16. DukeofDBQ

    ***** F/S - Unusual Searing Up For Grabs *****

    ###SOLD### Here it is!!! Your opportunity to acquire a very rare and unusual Searing cue, and we all know any Searing cue is tough to find. I met Dennis quite a few years ago and am proud to consider him a good friend. Having spent 100s of hours in his shop, watching him work, I have a...
  17. DukeofDBQ

    Happy Birthday.

    Happy Birthday to Sanjay Varma (Sanj)!!!
  18. DukeofDBQ


    Fifty years ago, when I was a kid playing a lot, I wanted a Willie Hoppe cue desperately. Never did get one. About 9 months ago I started a little collection and I would like to share it with you. Top to Bottom - Jason Wiegand (refinish), Steve Lomax, Scott Gracio...
  19. DukeofDBQ


    This is my recently acquired 2001 DENNIS SEARING Custom. It's an interesting cue and one of only a few made by Dennis with High-Low contrasting length points. Additionally, the cue was originally ordered with 14 MM shafts. When I took the cue to Dennis to take the shafts down a bit - amazingly...
  20. DukeofDBQ

    Smooth as glass deal with jazznpool

    I just purchased a gorgeous PFD cue from jazznpool aka Martin Bick. I have had a lot of clean, smooth internet transactions but none were as easy as this one. Great communication, quick and secure shipping, and just a real good guy to deal with IMO. Martin, thanks for a super clean deal. We...