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  1. BooBoo

    The magnificent Irving Crane

    I remember "The Deacon" winning the 1966 Salt City Open in Syracuse. He was from Rochester, NY and I believed he played out of the Olympic Bowl. I heard in the off season he sold Cadillacs. He seemed cool, calm, and in focus. A great player.
  2. BooBoo

    BC Open

    I was reading some old posts about the BC Open awhile ago. Was looking through some old papers the other day and came up with this.
  3. BooBoo

    How to make soft tip harder?

    I have some milk duds here that I have installed on cues. They are Elkmasters soaked in milk then pressed. Made popular by the Philipino players a few years ago.
  4. BooBoo

    Dennis Hatch

    I noticed in the brackets that the score between Dennis and Alex was 9-0. Did Alex shoot that good, or was it a forfeit?
  5. BooBoo

    Ku King Snooker Cue

    A customer gave me a Brunswick Ku King snooker cue last night for repair. I would post a picture but am having trouble downsizing it. The problem is when the cue is put together there is a gap between the collar of the butt and the collar of the shaft. It almost looks like part of the collar is...
  6. BooBoo

    Tip pops off

    Hi all, I am putting a White Diamond tip on a shaft with a short ferrule and it keeps popping off. All surfaces are square and all I can think off is that the ferulle is compressing on the break and the tenon is popping off the tip. Anyone have the answer or had this similar problem?
  7. BooBoo

    Weight Bolts

    I have a small assortment of weight bolts for the cues I sell. What I need to know is what are the popular sizes that I should have to handle a weight change for a customers cue. I never charged for a weight change on the cues I sold, but if I have to go out and purchase weight bolts for...
  8. BooBoo

    Joint collars

    When making a shaft for someone how do you match up the exact joint collar without using the one from the existing shaft. I understand that if it is an older cue it may be hard to do, but on a current model how do you do it? Do you buy it from the manufacturer or are there places they can be...
  9. BooBoo

    FS Willard Tipper/Trimmer

    Up for sale is a Willard tipper/trimmer. Included is the extra collett for larger shafts. Also included are a couple of extra blades and the instruction video. It is in very good condition and will serve someone well. The price including shipping is $315.00. PM me or e-mail me at
  10. BooBoo

    Drill and Tap Chart

    This is all new to me so please excuse my ignorance. Let's say I want to insert a 3/8 x 10 pin, what would the drill size be for the hole. I have the taps, just need the proper drill sizes, or is there a formula on how to figure them out? Interested in the standard sizes. 5/16 x 14, 5/16 x 18...
  11. BooBoo

    The Fix Is In

    I would like to thank RKC for the fix to my GC IV. I was not having any problems, but I could see where there could be. A friend cut the angle iron for me and I installed it. The pictures are of the one piece I had to notch to clear the ball return. Once again, thanks for the fix and hopefully...
  12. BooBoo

    I Won Something

    I consider myself an average guy, usually if I get a call and am told I won the luggage, and all I have to do is pay shipping and handling, well, you all know how that goes. But this time, I really won something. I was at the Aramith site awhile ago and they had a form for a contest to fill out...
  13. BooBoo

    Kandy Bradley Open

    4th Annual Kandy Bradley Open January 17th & 18th $20.00 Entry ($5.00 goes to charity) BCA Rules (Split Quarters) Player Calcutta w/buyback Door Prizes 50/50's Cue Raffle Play will be at Club 109, The Pub, & Goodtimes 11:00 am Players meeting, calcutta, & draw at Club 109 Depending on the...
  14. BooBoo

    Star Sports

    I used to be able to watch the Guiness tour on TVU at Star Sports, but it dissappeared. Is it me, or is it gone? Help!
  15. BooBoo

    Rule Question

    Walked into the poolroom last night and a player said "what do you think of this". They were playing 9-ball and one player jumped a ball. The cue ball ended up balanced on the rail. He asks me if this is a foul? What do you think?
  16. BooBoo

    Kandy Bradley Open

    2nd Annual Kandy Bradley Open (8-Ball) January 28th 2007 @ Old Tyme Billiards $20.00 Entry ($5.00 goes to charity) $5.00 For Green Fees Free Buffet Player Calcutta-50-50's-Added Money 12:30 pm Players Meeting/Calcutta 1:00 pm Start-Valley Tables-BCA Rules $2.00 Eight Ball Break Pot-Door...
  17. BooBoo

    91 Challenge of Champions

    I just started transferring my vhs tapes to dvd and came across the 91 coc. When I saw Jimmy Vaccaro on the tape talking about the big board at the Mirage it made me remember that there was a thread on AZb about this. I'm thinking something about the "fix" being in. I may be wrong and don't want...
  18. BooBoo

    Old Sayings

    For example- "His bark is worse than his bite".-Mike Sigel "Speak softly, but carry a big stick".-Efren Reyes "Don't throw the baby out with the bath water".-Earl Strickland Any others come to mind? Would Like to hear them.
  19. BooBoo

    Round Four

    Is it safe to assume that round four will be next Sunday night at 7:00 on OLN? So far I think the coverage wets your appetite but on some of the close matches, it would nice to see more of them. I think it is great that players who would never get tv exposure are on, but if only for a short...
  20. BooBoo

    The Road Runners

    First off, I would post a picture of this if I could, but I can't, so I won't. A friend of mine picked me up a picture while he was in Long Beach at the Billiard Library, it was called the road runners. It has four pool players dressed rather stylishly for the era standing in front of a Rolls...