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  1. strokerace

    Terbrock Cues..Shuller Extension Cue..Barton 3x6

    Pool Days Are Over someone needs to enjoy these like i have..Owned the Terbrock about nine years..of all the Customs (about 40 of them) that i have owned i kept these Cues for play-ability and nice looks..Terbrock Player is a JTOL-109 and the Jump Break is a Terbrock me the only...
  2. strokerace

    WTB-G10 Pin Joint Protectors

    Anyone have Joint protectors for the G10 pin..its one of those synthetic threads..this one i have is a long SOB..1 and 3/4 inches long..let me know if you can help..Thanks..SA
  3. strokerace

    Richard Phillippi and Bill Webb Cues..FS/FT

    #1..Richard Phillippi Ebony/Ivory/BEM/8 Pts/Leather Wrap..No Dings or Dents..One Shaft has Light Play..the other No Play..Just a Beautifull Cue..Made by Richard in the Late 80's..Seller said 89'.. Butt..29 5/8 long..15 5/8 Oz..5/16-14 Piloted Pin Shaft #1..29 1/4 long..3 3/4...
  4. strokerace

    What happened to Dennis Dieckmans web site

    Was out looking for his site and could not find it gone??..had a lot of stuff on there..anyone knows whats up..thanks..SA
  5. strokerace

    Proper Packing a Cue

    i know this is probably not where this should be but!!! avoid damage unpacking a cue..why not use the 3m Blue tape on the bubble wrap.. some of the cues i receive is so hard with the box tape..and it will allow the next send off to utilize the bubble wrap without damage..i do it and i know...
  6. strokerace

    Im old School..what is a NIT...!!!

    Seems like a Nit is a guy on here called CueMagic..just trying to understand the meaning..he is the one with the ever bumping.. Looking to buy Meucci the for sale section..after this guy is there any other definition of the term...NIT..thanks ahead of time for any do you...
  7. strokerace

    McDermott EG6 Window owner

    Looked on McDermotts web site..just as my buddy said he paid $220 bucks for this Cue back in was produced from 90-95 and the retail price was $215..i have checked this cue out and it plays great.. The Site said it is worth $260 at is 95%..Straight Butt and Shaft..comes with...
  8. strokerace

    WTB..Schuler Original Wrapless Carom Cue Butt..

    Looking for just the Butt..thought someone might have one laying around..would consider a Cue with shaft(s) if the price is on..thanks..Randy..614-205-3474
  9. strokerace

    FS..OB Classic..3/8-10..Tipp-12.75 mm

    Bought this off of AZ member "weiru" last September..never used it.. sold the cue..and thought i would offer it here..he had it made from a is a nice shaft..its not really dirty enough to clean..and don't want to take the original finish off of it..i will leave that up to you.. i got a...
  10. strokerace

    Show Pics of your Beautifull Wrapless Cues

    Off another thread about prefered wrap..i saw some pics there and thought..WOW..why not show off Members Beautifull Wrapless Cues.. please describe the wood if you can..SA This is my new player..Jerry Terbrock..can't exsplain the wood but man it is Beautifull...:thumbup:
  11. strokerace

    Olhausen 10 Foot Champion Pro Tables

    Just got a price on one..went to their site..built the table..called local Distrubutor and got the price..$6200 delivered and set up.. Tax is seperate..i have a Pro Tour 9 ft and got to say it plays very local room has all Diamond tables and the play on the 9 foot Diamond is so close my...
  12. strokerace

    WTB..Schuler 6" Cue Extension

    I know Schuler has them..but they want $50..thought maybe one of you guys might have one laying around that you don't need..Thanks..Randy
  13. strokerace

    WTB Ray Schuler Shaft and Extension

    Any one?...Thanks..Randy.. Got one of i cant wait to getum!!!!
  14. strokerace

    What do U like Most and Least on AZB

    Thought it time to see..looked up anything on the subject and did not find find out..and the Least has to change..CAN WE AGREE ON THAT!!!!..EVERYBODY NOW!!..Maybe someone will do a Poll on this subject with alot of offerings to chose from..SA..Commited Member
  15. strokerace

    Question: Do all Carom Cues with Wood Joint have the same Threads

    Dont know much about 3 Cushion cues..are the joints on these different from Builder to Builder?..thanks ahead for replies..SA
  16. strokerace

    WTB or Trade for Nice Carom Cue w/Wood Joint

    Show me what you got..weight not important..balance is..i am not a begginer in 3 cushion play..i have a Dennis Clements that i play with now..looking for something to upgrade to another well respected builder or another from him..must be wood are some...
  17. strokerace

    4 Sale..Joss West..80s..SideWays W..

    THIS CUE WAS ACTUALLY MADE 1972-1980..THATS WHEN BILL SCHROUD USED THE SIDEWAYS W..I BELIVE IT TO BE ROSE WOOD.. Butt has no dings or scratches..cap has a small chip where it meets the wood..cant see it from a foot away or even that apparent close up..but it is there..since this is so...
  18. strokerace

    WPA Rules about Cue Extensions..

    I know there is no Length problems..and the weight of the Cue not to exceed 25oz..but what if you wanted to play with an extension all the time..i play very well with my cue i balanced to the comes in at 28.5oz together but my Cue is only you think i could play in a...
  19. strokerace

    Trade 4 Cues and Case for 1 Monster Player..

    I have decided to trade some of my collection..i am looking for a Monster player cue..Blackboar..Gina..ect..i have $3250 invested in these particular cues..i bought these at great prices.. they are like new condition..any me.. Randy..614-205-3474..can send pics...
  20. strokerace

    Why Feed into negative or ignorant post..???

    Just like the one with the person saying pool people are Douchbags.. why even respond..just put his ass on the IGNORE list..its like given the guy who killed John Lennon recognition..dont do has to hurt motorvation when it comes to having fun on a pool table..wither its for the cheeze or...