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  1. HUKIT

    A Few Schons on Fleabay. I’m selling a few cues and a case but I’m not interested in trades at this time.
  2. HUKIT

    Schon Hoppe Break Cue

    Schon jump/break cue used a few times and is near perfect. This has the Phenolic joint instead of the typical brass and has a leather wrap. Asking $550 friends and family or please add Paypal fees or best offer shipped.
  3. HUKIT

    New Volturi

    My thanks to my friend Fred Dinsmore for helping put this one together as I could not have done it without his help! It's my third Volturi and by far my favorite to date. Roger's new interior is absolutely gorgeous and his staff did a phenomenal job on this.
  4. HUKIT

    DigiCue Blue

    I bought this a month ago and used it twice so it's like new. $115.00 through Paypal and shipped CONUS. SOLD.
  5. HUKIT

    Jim Murnak 3x6 Case

    I bought this a couple of weeks ago here but prefer the JB style interior over the tubes. The case is in perfect shape and looks like it was used just in storage. Asking $750 or best offer paid through PayPal(fee’s on me) and shipped CONUS. No trades on this one as I’ve got a new case being...
  6. HUKIT

    So This Happened Today...

    I had my Connelly pool table for sale and the two "gentlemen" came last night to pick it up. The table was purchased for $1700.00 and they came with cash last night. Today I go to the bank to deposit the money and 10 of the $100.00 were fake!!! The rest was a combination of 10's and 20's. I have...
  7. HUKIT

    New King Case #110

    For sale is a new King case in leather with stingray points in the pockets. It’s a 3x6 with blue JB Ultrapad interior. New price $600.00 paid through PayPal and shipped CONUS. I'm not looking for any trades on this one.
  8. HUKIT

    Looking For Another 3c

  9. HUKIT

    Who's The Wrap Wizard?

    I had a local cuemaker re-do the linen wrap on one of my Schon LTD's and it looks and feels terrible. It's fuzzy feeling, isn't even, and the color is hazy. I made the mistake of trying red/black which looks ghetto too but I'd like to have it redone with another color, who should I send it to?
  10. HUKIT

    OB-2+ Shaft

    I bought this here on AZ a couple of weeks ago, it's been chalked and has some very slight bluing on the shaft. It looks to be very, very minimal. The tip is 11.75mm, measures at 30 inches, and the joint is piloted 5/16x14. Any questions feel free to ask. Asking $135.00 paid through Paypal and...
  11. HUKIT

    New High Run!

    Well last night I hit my highest straight pool run at 56! I know compared to others that’s pretty low but after a 20 year lay off I was pretty stoked to say the least. That brings me to why I really posted, shot selection. Are there drills to get better or is that just a practice with trial and...
  12. HUKIT

    Why Did They Settle On Maple?

    So Mr. Bonds thread regarding the Rambow peaked my curiosity, with all the different types of woods available why did everyone settle on maple and the snooker guys using ash?
  13. HUKIT

    Schon Cue Question

    I’ve got nearly 20 Schon’s now so I bought this on Fleabay. I’ve never seen a bumperless jump cue from Schon before? I’ve got a Schon JB-2 and JB-3 and the jump joint is different too. Has anyone seen a cue like this before? The last picture shows the joint difference on the JB series.
  14. HUKIT

    Schon Hoppe Tribute

    So I'm looking to add to my ever growing Schon collection another Hoppe Tribute. I'm really looking for Ebony butt with a white wrap and the dots above and below the Abalone inlay like the one's Deanoc has sold. Don’t really care about shafts but the butt has to be clean and straight. I have the...
  15. HUKIT

    What Killed Straight Pool?

    I played when I was younger then after a 25 year break due to the Army, marriage, and kids I’m back playing again. So the other night I’m playing straight pool and was shocked as some of the players were coming up asking me what I was doing. Was there any definitive reason?
  16. HUKIT

    Wildest Bet Made Over A Game

    This from the What's The Worst thread got me thinking... What's the craziest thing you've won or lost over a game?
  17. HUKIT

    Schon Break Cue Question

    I've been a Schon fan for years so I decided to break down and grab one of their JB3 jump/break cues. The things hits like a hammer but my question is the second joint is a wooden threaded shaft and I keep finding wood shavings, how long do these type of joints typically last with metal being...