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  1. johnqbs

    test 123456

    wanted to know
  2. johnqbs

    Break cue

    Does JnJ have a good break cue? I have heard about them but not sure which number cue it was. thanks, john
  3. johnqbs

    Meucci cues on ebay

    I have been watching the older meucci M series 2 pointer cues on ebay. It looks like they are bringing close to 200. or better. Does that sound about right. Thanks, john
  4. johnqbs

    contact info. for tod

    contact info. for todd How could I contact Todd would like to talk to him about a repair lathe. Thanks, john,
  5. johnqbs

    Aluminium weight bolt

    I have an old Meucci cue I just got a few days ago. the weight is 20.6 way to heavy for me. it has a 3 inch 3/8 x 16 steel bolt with out the bolt the cue is what I like 19.4 . I don't like not to have a bolt in it. I removed a bolt from a m-4 and the butt end fell off. what I want to know can...
  6. johnqbs

    sub rail angle

    Is the sub rail angle the same for k55 and k66 I think the height of the back of 55 is 1 5/16 66 is 1 3/16 Some one let me know, not 100% sure. Can you use either 55 or 66 . Would 66 leave a thin gap on bottom of sub rail. Thanks for the help. john
  7. johnqbs

    replace cushions

    What would be a good quality cushion to use on a gandy table ? I am thinking it takes k66, but not sure. thanks for the help. john
  8. johnqbs

    test pic.

    The cue on the far left is the joss cue.
  9. johnqbs

    meucci cues

    I have been looking at cues on ebay. Got to the meucci and there was a few marked seconds. Whats going on, have I missed something? Would Meucci cue let second rate cues on the market? Will some one bring me up to date? Thanks, john
  10. johnqbs

    break cue shaft

    What is the best shaft taper and standard leather tip for a break cue? thanks, john
  11. johnqbs

    question about wood

    I am looking to buy a cue and the forearm is ash with four maple points. Just wanted to know more about ash like is it a heavy wood? What is the hit and feel like? Thanks for the help, john
  12. johnqbs

    weight bolt

    I have a J pechauer cue that is 18.80 with a 1.4 bolt I would like to bring it up to a 19.5 or close. If anyone has weight bolts please contact me. thanks,john
  13. johnqbs

    weight bolt

    I have a J pechauer cue and may wand to add about 1 oz to it the bolt it has looks to be 1.4 I may need 2. or 2.5 it is 18.80 want to bring it up or close to 19.5 thanks, john
  14. johnqbs

    To All

    Would like to wish everyone a happy new year, john
  15. johnqbs

    Look at my joss I traded for.

    I traded for this Joss cue. With all the knowledge here on az Can someone tell me about this cue. I do know it hits and plays great. I am not trying to sell at this time, but what would the market value be just a close guess will be fine. Look at the pic. thanks, john
  16. johnqbs

    Question about PayPal

    This may not be the right place to ask but I am going to give it a try. I have had a PP account for a few years. Now all the sudden they want to hold payments in a pending balance. This is the second time this has happened in about 6 months. I don't have the time to call to speak to some one it...
  17. johnqbs

    F/s championship 3030 tour edition

    I have a new championship 3030 tour edition electric blue for an 8 foot table for sale. first 130.00 shipping included. Take care, john
  18. johnqbs

    F/s mali mv-4 vintage series / w case

    This is a brand new MV-4 VINTAGE SERIES. It is 19.5 oz 13mm shaft straight apart or together rolls perfect and no taper roll as its called. This cue has the best shaft that I have seen on any cue. straight grain with a tight pattern no nots rings or brown spots with no leaves. Look any where on...
  19. johnqbs


    This cue is brand new as never hit a ball. I bought it new about mid 90s. It has been in my closet in a hard case for years. It is a 19oz 13mm tip it is straight together or apart. Leather wrap, will come with a free J&J oval case that holds one cue. 225.00 plus the cost of shipping. Feel...
  20. johnqbs

    What Gc table to look for

    I am thinking about a table like a Gc what would be the one to look for? 1,2 OR 3 . All advice and help will be appreciated. Thanks, john