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  1. ldmitchell

    Dymondwood Jump Cue

    PM sent.
  2. ldmitchell

    Wood porn on a Monday??? Hey Joey

    More wood porn
  3. ldmitchell

    sneaky pete wanted - New or a good used - nothing fancy

    I have a Huebler sneaky for sale/trade. It was a one piece that I converted with Unilock quick joint, new shaft. I currently am having difficulty posting pictures. $200 plus shipping. PM with your email for pictures and further details. Leonard Mitchell
  4. ldmitchell

    WTB Three Piece Travel Cue

    Private message sent. Leonard Mitchell
  5. ldmitchell

    Bar cue tip replacement.

    I do tip replacements in exchange for food and drink.
  6. ldmitchell

    Recommended Cuemakers for House Cue Conversions?

    Old retired guy, hobby cuemaker chiming in here. I am not likely to become a well known cuemaker because of the few cues I produce. The high cost of radial taps are prohibitive. My preferred pin is the 3/8-10 modified. I enjoy working with old one piece cues, both house cues and Dufferins. When...
  7. ldmitchell

    Ira, your cue is done!

    I was trying to type "curly"! Now can't delete or edit! LOL
  8. ldmitchell

    Ira, your cue is done!

  9. ldmitchell

    Sold Grab Bag Cue Building Parts

    PM sent.
  10. ldmitchell

    Cuemakers near Atlanta, MI

    Hobby cuemaker here. I am in Manistee, MI. Leonard Mitchell
  11. ldmitchell

    Large butt cues

    I recently converted an old one piece cue with a large handle area. The butt end measures 1.27". The taper is quite straight with the grip area measuring 1.20". Then the forearm tapers down to a normal joint size.
  12. ldmitchell

    Ebony Dufferin Conversion

    Hello, Curious about the cue pictured. Was it converted from a one piece cue? I have a two piece silverleaf of which I am planning on doing a joint conversion.
  13. ldmitchell

    Sold Huebler Mark II Project Cue

    I'll take it. PM'd
  14. ldmitchell

    Az Members who build their own cues please post photo's of your new and old work!!!!

    That adapts the shaft to the butt, with a flat surface to hold the shaft straight when tight.
  15. ldmitchell

    Az Members who build their own cues please post photo's of your new and old work!!!!

    I built this as a shooter. 63 inches overall, 57" without the quick detach extension.
  16. ldmitchell

    WTB 18 oz Dufferin house cue pinned

    SALE PENDING $125 shipped, continental US I refinished this cue, installed quick release joint, Tomahawk ferrule and an Ultraskin Fire Medium tip.
  17. ldmitchell

    Fake Cues On Ebay

    The picture of the cues is stolen straight from the cover of "The Cue Building Book".