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  1. wild8bill9

    Dr Dave's Pool Referee Test

    Dr. Dave should be on AZ. Also check Facebook
  2. wild8bill9

    Anyone know this makers mark?

    Just saw a logo from a Parrott cue the bird faces the other way. Darn thought I figured it out. Todd Elkins was the last owner.
  3. wild8bill9

    Anyone know this makers mark?

    Look up Parrott Cues . I googled it and it took me to an old article in 2006 on AZ billiards and there were 3 different owners . They played really well and I wanted one. A friend had one but he wouldn't sell me his. Couldn't find a picture yet. What are you doing with the cue?
  4. wild8bill9

    Anyone know this makers mark?

    It's a Parrot. I believe Paragon cues but not sure. I saw more of them when I 1st started collecting
  5. wild8bill9

    Wanted, Needed Ned Morris break cue. Let me know what you have.

    Pay the extra price and get Ned to make you a jump break with his carbon fiber shaft made custom for jumping. I have one as apart of a high end matching set.
  6. wild8bill9

    Brunswick "By George" 1x2 leather case -- nice!

    Hello, Bill Farmer out of Colorado. Interested in your 1x2 Brunswick George case. Love the cues your putting on AZ lately, been working with Ned Morris last few years and am low on cash for high end cues. Can pay PayPal if needed. At work now but home after 630pm Colorado time. Let me know Bill...
  7. wild8bill9

    Kikel break/jump cue

    I have one. A guy in Denver that knew Dave had him make a 25 oz. break and a 22oz. break jump made out of purpleheart with seylan satin wood floating points. I bought it from 12squared almost 20 years ago now. Only one I have seen.
  8. wild8bill9

    Sold *** For Sale - Instroke Cowboy Black/Brown Leather 3x7 Case ***

    Good morning, Bill Farmer here in Colorado. If this case is still available and you can send it USPS signature required I would like to purchase it. Send your Pay pal info. Also I'm always looking for older Buffalo Instroke cases.
  9. wild8bill9

    Sold Eddie Cohen 6-Point South West Style Stunner-Wrapless

    Nice Cohen, I probably have a couple of $1000 cues to trade for it. It would look real good beside my other Cohen wrapless. You know, the one I got from you. Nice cue. Great saleman folks!
  10. wild8bill9

    Eddie Cohen: ebony John Davis full splice

    This is Bill, cuesblues friend. It would take a good price. Not only does it play great , the Davis blank is one of the better ones I have seen 2nd only to my Barnhart wrapless. I understand why you want it back.
  11. wild8bill9

    Fullsplice jig for making fullsplice blanks.

    Need an assist on finding who may sell the proper jigs/equipment to make fullsplice blanks. Local cue maker wants to start making his own blanks. Any info appreciated, Bill
  12. wild8bill9

    WTB Olney plain jane no wrap cue

    Is their any Olneys out there in the $300 to $400 range. Interested in what you have. Thanks, Bill