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    list of full splice cuemakers?

    Can't leave out Joel Hercek...
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    Can you pls share a photo of the top of this joint?
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    Schon R10 back from Refinish at Proficient Billiards

    They had the cue less than 2 weeks start to finish. I live close so I drove it there and picked it up in person.
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    Schon R10 back from Refinish at Proficient Billiards

    I can't recommend Proficient Billiards enough, they did an absolutely amazing job on my beat up and warped R10. Full refinish and replaced the handle and wrap. They replaced the rubber bumper as that simply disintegrated during removal. The butt cap is still original and has a couple tiny...
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    WTB: The Szamboti Book...

    You can still buy the e-book through Apple, maybe not what you want but it is still available digtally
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    Abear cue last seen on AZB in 2013

    anyone have any info on the current location or market on this cue? if so, I'd appreciate any info, thx
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    Triple Cross Cue

    Interested to try and find the cue in the attached pic, saw it years ago in person at SBE but was not in the cue market at all. Anyone recognize it or possibly seen it anywhere? Had lots of natural material from my recollection.
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    I've worked up a template I can use in Vectorworks, CAD software I have been using at work since 2002. I've done a couple mockups for a custom Tasc build I have in the works. The images above from Fusion 360 look nice, can get the same kind of images from Vectorworks.
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    Tascarella, Tascarella, Tascarella

    Kenny Carfagno (Four Kings Cues) has a couple, a six point and a fancy one I played with a bit...its super as you'd expect.
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    2023 AZ Billiards Straight Pool Challenge!

    51 last night. (Ended with a miss 😞)
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    WTB older Szamboti style Pete Tascarella Cue

    PM sent interested
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    Anyone else prefer very hard tips??

    Same as others, I started with soft tips and as I have matured as a player, and after years of snooker playing before coming back to pool - I now prefer a hard tip by far…
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    2023 AZ Billiards Straight Pool Challenge!

    40 this morning
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    WTB Schon R10

    Sorry I stopped following this thread, just saw this today... I'd let it go w/ the two shafts that came with it and a practically brand new Runde Keilwood shaft for $1600. I'm into the package for over $2400 so I understand if it's too much (many have said that), i will just keep it and use it...
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    Sold 2022 Tascarella Custom 4 point

    Beautiful cue, glad it's sold so I can't buy it (don't really need any more cues...!)
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    2022 AZ Billiards Straight Pool Challenge!

    Been playing good last few weeks. Had a 68, then a 70 a few days ago, both set new personal high runs. Then this AM, ran a 41 and missed (aargh). Set up a new breakshot and ran a 90! I was elated and also upset because I played the last rack with more nerves and tension than the first 85 balls...
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    I could be really really good, if I followed a pre shot routine 😢

    Don't practice your mistakes...every motor skill is learned from repetition and ALL reps count equally. Your individual PSR is 100% required for 100% consistency, less application yields less consistent results as you experienced. It's common to dramatically underestimate the actual work it...
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    Want a new cue.

    Two builders I could recommend are John Bender and Chad Carter. Both are great cue builders, and also excellent to do business with...
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    Ronnie making art!

    Mozart with a cue. Pure genius. He is an open vessel of imagination with the game flowing through him, like an infinite expression of nature. Perfect player in perfect form. Humbled...
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    WTB Schon R10

    I've got one I'd sell but it's not straight...