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  1. SachaCH

    great Carbon Tubes!!

    Because of actual stoping with the carbon tubes selling i have some restpieces: 12.5mm tubes 29' 9 pieces A quality for 40$/piece 8 pieces B quality for 20$/piece 8 pieces C quality for 10$/piece more discount when you take them all. Also some great tubes for carambol cues.
  2. SachaCH

    great Carbon Tubes!!

    I have some restpieces of carbon tubes on stock for sale. The last ones. 40$ without foam 45$ with foam 45$ fastest shipping 12.5mm 29' for pool cues and some special for carambol cues. PM or email to
  3. SachaCH

    Incredible CF carbon shaft tube set for sale

    Priceupdate 600$ inclucive fees and plus shipping!
  4. SachaCH

    Incredible CF carbon shaft tube set for sale

    I have here a set of 141 pieces of carbon tubes for shafts in B and C quality. the straightnes is not perfect or not good or some other issues. The tubes are in all possible sizes between 12.1mm and 12.9mm. They are ideal for tests or somebody who want to start with building own carbon shafts...
  5. SachaCH

    Cuetec Propel

    I search a Cuetec Propel jumpcue. please offers by pm. thanks
  6. SachaCH

    I need a Pure X insert

    Hi community, I search 1-2 pieces from this insert for a shaft. Could somebody help me? regards Sacha
  7. SachaCH

    KALI Carbon Shaft

    the new KALI shaft is a new shaft made in Switzerland. great feeling and great playability for a reasonable price. You can have it in Uniloc, Radial, 3/8x10, 5/16x14, 5/18x16. You can choose if you want the Kamui black S tip or the new TAOM Fusion tip. price is 320$ (instead of 350$) inclusive...
  8. SachaCH

    great Carbon Tubes!!

    Hi, I sale carbon tubes for making great carbon shafts. So now you can make your own great carbon shafts!! You can order my personal dimensions and shapes or your own specific shape, sizes and dimensions. Contact me for prices. Shipping from Switzerland. PN me for price and questions!
  9. SachaCH

    Carbon tubes

    I sale different carbon tubes for peoples who wants to trying to make a self carbon shaft. :cool: :) Shipping from Switzerland. PN me for price!
  10. SachaCH

    Carbon Sets for sale

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Hi, I have 3 different sets of carbontubes for sale. Shipping from Switzerland. Set 1 have 2 tubes with a ferrule and 2 simply tubes SOLD price 80 Dollar plus shipping Set 2 include one finished Carbonshaft with Uniloc and four carbontubes SOLD price 120 Dollar...
  11. SachaCH

    searching Ignite Shaft in wavy

    Hi, i am searching a Mezz Ignite shaft in wavy. Could somebody help me? Best regards Sacha
  12. SachaCH

    2 new Mbao Custom Cues

    My own work for my little princess (7 years old little cute girl) and one for myself. I think they would be finished in a few weeks! I hope you enjoy! Best wishes from Switzerland Sacha
  13. SachaCH

    The difference between those cues?

    Hi all, I'm interested in an new cue and I found the beautifull JC Cue. Picture from the cue i am interested: But now I also found the same cue (with little differences) as a Baer Cue. Could somebody say if this is probably the same or not? And if...