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  1. trob

    Predator weight kit

    The only thing you definitely need is that tool that tightens them down. Nothing else seems to fit. Friends have burrowed mine because their weight bolt came loose and they can’t seem to get it tight without it.
  2. trob

    Serious question?

    It’s the reason why pro’s don’t really come here any more. Guys like you with knowledge leave because jack off’s who covered their table in the basement and ran a few racks on it think they’re master table mechanics and world champions. I mostly come here for the comedy these days. Then I head...
  3. trob

    8ft versus 9ft Diamond Pro am (room 17'6" x 14')

    I never like 8 foot tables. Odds are you’re not going to compete on one. The lines are all wrong. The tough thing about a 9 foot table is length but your really don’t have that on an 8 foot. On a 7 foot the tough thing is everything is clustered but your really don’t have that on an 8 foot...
  4. trob

    Who was in the wrong?

    Who cares.. he did nothing wrong. She needs to grow up. You don’t need to hug people. If he tried to hug her and she turned it down you would be on here ripping earl for being a dirty old man and putting her in that position. When earl messes I’m fine to call him out. He did 0 wrong here. No...
  5. trob

    Skyler Woodward "Whats In The Bag"

    I watched him win the amateur jr’s at the super billiards expo. He was already a respectful kid then. Not wearing that hustling bullshit. Khakis and a collared shirt. The kid he was playing was wearing all the shit and was playing fast and hard. Sky was focused and would calmly get up and run...
  6. trob

    Who was in the wrong?

    who cares.. he shook her hand. That’s all he’s required to do. He didn’t make a scene or act like an ass. If he would have gone for a hug he would have caught shit from the idiots for being a dirty old man.
  7. trob

    Predator Pure chalk

    I bet it will be $30 like kamui. A piece of kamui lasts me like 18 months so thats less than $2 a month. I know that‘s pretty steep for you pool cheap skates but I can afford it. 🤷‍♂️If you can’t afford it Walmart has some lovely chalk you can pick up on the cheap. 😂
  8. trob

    Anyone see the format for this year's SBE pro event?

    Yeah my friend who travels to play in the a lot of the pro events is sitting this one out since they went to single elimination. Honestly I’m not sure what’s wrong with good old double elimination .. all though it’s never been true double elimination as they play a single long race in the...
  9. trob

    Skyler Woodward "Whats In The Bag"

    The only thing I found interesting is I Guess this goes against the pro’s are being forced to play with carbon shafts if they are sponsored. He’s still playing with a wood shaft.
  10. trob

    Recommended Cue for League Play

    😳 why the hell would you change cues for league night smh
  11. trob

    Filler back to the carbon shaft

    I’ve never seen a group of people that hate change more then pool players
  12. trob

    Mika V De Luna Controversy....

    Sounds like this guy has a history of sharky douche like behavior and maybe Mika was on edge waiting for it. I think most of us have been there in leagues or tournaments against some nit that will call a foul for anything or move around a lot in your field of view when your playing.
  13. trob

    Molinari Gloves

    Yes and no. They used to carry their own chalk also and it was hexagon shaped rebranded predator chalk lol Molinari gloves were fantastic. It’s a shame if they’re gone For good.
  14. trob

    Another Kamui chalk...

    I have no problem and I use it on my home table every day. The Issue is over application. I brush it on once in between each game. If your put it on like your painting a room after each shot your probably going to make a mess
  15. trob

    Wow... A Pro-Pool story from Vice News!

    From what I can see vice news is far left everything is racist , all cops are evil and trans women are women kind of news so I’ll pass.
  16. trob

    Players Jumping on the Table

    Omg.. players showing excitement after winning the biggest tournament of the year …how disgusting. 😂 I honestly can read this thread and see who exactly voted biden in the last election. It’s a child’s game fellows… who cares.
  17. trob

    APA Double Hit Rule

    That’s nonsense.. Rules matter. APA already allows for your captain to warn you of fouls or call time outs. That’s enough for the amateurs.
  18. trob

    20 dollar chalk?? What’s the world coming to?

    More proof how cheap pool players are and complain about everything. Kamui costs me what $30? I use the same piece for about a year and a half. That’s 18 months . That means it costs me less than $2 a month. If you’re worried about $2 a month you got bigger financial problems in your life. Lol I...
  19. trob

    Filler back to the carbon shaft

    Threads like this are the reason I’ve moved away from pool and enjoy golf. A different class of people that don‘t give a shit what anyone plays with or if they feel it makes them better. No one cares if the 18 handy capper spends 2 grand on a new set of clubs . Good for Him. In golf no one...
  20. trob

    Anyone had any experience using Champion Mercury ultra cloth

    I agree with you and do you really need 760 on a 7 foot table? Not for my taste.