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    Diamond Wire Ball Holder

    Our room has cue holders that have space for balls, we also made a tray which hold 7 balls for our 1 P games, Works fine. The tray is basically a channel, with closed ends,
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    Best book for beginner

    99 Critical shots is good but graphic's are not anywhere near more recent book's. Surprised there hasn't been a revised edition put out.
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    Diamond Wire Ball Holder

    We really seldom use the ones we have on our Pro-Am's. Of course we have other alternatives.
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    Pocket size

    I play on a Diamond Pro-Am with 4.5 pockets and the deep shelves, for me that's as tight as I need.
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    Stats -- Van Boening vs. Compton One-Pocket Race to 24, August 2022

    Totally agree if your talking about the absolute top tier players, for us more "mortal" players the game is still there.
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    Amber Chen beats Allison Fisher in Canada

    I can live with the shoot-out, my non playing wife even watched and seemed to like it. Biggest question I have is how did Kelly Fisher not win this thing.
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    Chicago Pool Rooms

    Yes, I'll take the beef over pizza any day. Wouldn't mind a couple of Chicago style dogs also
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    Does One Pocket ?

    Overall I feel it benefits your play, a lot of the skills necessary are transferable to other games.
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    Peter Fleming, RIP Cya on the other side petey.. Thanks for all of it.. Never Forgotten.

    Sorry to hear this, didn't know Pete but a very familiar face on many tournament Videos. Condolences to Pat and family
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    Poll: Alternatives for Snooker foul rules

    Snooker isn't pool if you don't like the rules don't play the game.
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    Pool Announcers; What do you want?

    Basically what I want is to keep current on the score, especially one pocket, I know it can be hard but it is also important. I really don't care for matches that have a chat active, adds nothing to the match and can be quite distracting. I like JJ's commentary, the snooker guy Matchroom uses...
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    The only set I can't stand are the tournament black.
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    Your best playing production cue

    Me too, although I am using a Jacoby Black shaft
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    Should accuracy lines be drawn on pool tables?

    I use tailors chalk and make a line from the spot to the rail, comes in very handy for one pocket and also help line up the rack for the break. Not a permanent mark so it doesn't hurt the cloth.
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    Best Player that Quit Early on

    Has anybody mentioned Mike DeChaine, know he might not be the most popular player but still a pretty good talent.
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    Freezing a Ball in Hand Shot

    I saw a beginner with ball in hand set up to shoot a combination using the bridge, I did later advise them there may be an easier way to use the bih.
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    Pool fads?

    That was Buffalo's big one pocket tournament in Louisiana
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    [WCOP] Team Philippines (Reyes / Biado) Withdraws

    Great Britain C Boyes and Appleton, oh wait
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    Dumbest thing you’ve done in a match?

    8 ball game. Mistook the 8 ball for the 2 ball, both were very dark. Fired that puppy right in.
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    Thoughts on The Hustler and Color of Money books?

    About the only thing similar between the TCOM book and movie is the title.