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  1. TorranceChris

    Camerawork on Bank Ring Game

    It's awesome watching Shannon fire in those world-class bank shots. I do have some constructive criticism to make on the camera-work for the stream. Please swing to show people as they are eliminated from the game; often time I see clapping and do not know who's been eliminated. I can't hear...
  2. TorranceChris

    SDE (Steve Elzinga) has passed.

    Some people missed the following thread started by Curlyscue (Michael Christenson). He will be missed since he contributed so much to the forum.
  3. TorranceChris

    Rafael Martinez at Hard Times

    I played Rafael on the loser's side and lost 9-2. So I came home and watched an utube of one of his matches and happened on to the following link of Rafael vs. Bustamante. In this match, he was absolutely mesmerizing and in his zone. I'm not...
  4. TorranceChris

    Waiting for Shane at Jay's

    So I see this post by Jay that he was going to pick up Shane at the airport. I shot off a PM to him asking him what his plans were with SVB as I had always wanted to meet him and watch him shoot some balls. Much to my surprise, Jay sent back a PM saying why don't you come with me and pick him up...
  5. TorranceChris

    So Who won at Hard Times Bellflower last night ?

    With Morro, Santos, and Oscar still on the winner's side among others when I left, who won ? The live-streaming vids elsewhere has got us spoiled! It would be cool if they had that at Hard Times. Anyway, please share the scoop if you know it :p
  6. TorranceChris

    Question on Forfeitures

    It seems like there have been quite a few forfeitures in the 3rd round. Greg Hogue not showing up for his last 2 matches against Nick Van den Berg and David Matlock. And then Ginky against Gandy Valle. Isn't there a severe penalty against forfeiture since it affects the possible outcome of...
  7. TorranceChris

    Accu-Stats: How to compute rating ?

    I'm practicing 9-ball every week with a friend on his table, and we have pretty much plateau'd :rolleyes: so we are now tracking some statistics on a whiteboard so that we can at least see if we are progressing. Can you all share what categories you like to track while playing competitive...