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  1. back2good1

    Places to play near Plantation/FTL Florida

    I will be going to Florida next month and was wondering what the nice rooms were near Plantation FL. thanks!
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    Billiard Tables in PHX

    Does anyone know of a place that has billiard tables in Arizona?
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    Best Pool room near Lowell, MA

    I will be in the neighborhood for a couple days.... which are the must see pool rooms?
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    What movie caused the most bankrolls to disappear?

    I think this one might be a land slide because there is just so much more action playing poker... but it will be fun to discuss.
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    Stuckart vs Bad Company live right now

    You can see the match at
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    Anyone buy the Spider Laser Training aid?

    We have all seen the commercials... but has anyone actually made the purchase? If you have... I would like to hear how you liked it. thanks, -Back2good1
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    open at sweet tooth

    barbox 9 ball. scott frost is playing. plus a challege match between a couple of young ladies later on azpoolscene is live now
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    Got (4) video's from TAR today.... YES!!!

    As any rational person would do... I called in sick and I am going to watch pool ALL Day! Here is what is on the agenda: 2007 U.S. open One Pocket - Chohan vs Bartram 2007 U.S. Open One Pocket - Chohan vs Owen 2008 U.S. BB Championships 8 Ball Finals - Mitch Ellerman vs Jose Parica Efren vs...
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    TAR - check your IM's from me please!

    I have also sent several emails.... thanks.
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    Swine Flu impact on BCA?

    Given the global nature of the BCA tournament, I would think there would be an impact.... Anyone not going due to the flu?
  11. back2good1

    Why only 47 players at Valley Forge?

    I don't understand why these type of events do not have full brackets!
  12. back2good1

    Live Stream from Sweet Tooth Billiards right now!

    This looks to be a pretty strong showing for the first tourny ... its 9 and under 9ball on the bar boxes. -Carlos
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    ???Who would win Fast Lenny or Justabanger???

    Back2good1 <----- beating the dead horse.... some more..... IMO
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    US Open Payout

    I probably just missed it.. but does anyone have th US Open Payout?
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    You snooze you loose

    Something I could not believe came up this weekend at the AZ One Pocket State Championship. Two good players were in a match (race to 3) They were a few minutes into game #4 when player "A" realized he forgot to move his coin to reflect his 2-1 lead. When he went to move it his opponent...
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    Where to play in Greensboro

    I have been to Greensboro several times in the last few months but never with enough time to go out and play... well I am headed out east once again and this time will have a little more time to play as it will be a two week trip. Can someone point me in a good direction to tournaments / cheap...
  17. back2good1

    I am headed to Hollywood!

    I have decided to try out the One Pocket tourny at Hollywood Billiards this weekend. So that means.... I have less than 1 week to figure out how to play One Pocket!!! :sorry: Oh well... it will be fun... and I will give it my best shot! -Back2good1
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    There is a snake in my house!!

    Here are a few pics...
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    There is a snake in my house!!

    That is right... The RealKingCobra is in da house! I cannot thank him enough for making sure that every single part of the installation was picture perfect... and YES I do have pictures. I will post them soon. For those of you who were wondering.... YES, it is worth the wait. -Carlos
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    Negative rep to anyone who replies to this thread. imo