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  1. De420MadHatter

    Trans debate arrives into Pro woman’s Billiards

    Old news, a decade ago we had a trans in the sport. His name was Rea, probably still a member, but haven't seen a post in a while. Ole Gene thought he done saddled up with a lady that wanted to learn how to play pool :LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL:
  2. De420MadHatter

    Anybody want to play Alex….

    No doubt. Can we have at least one forum without this fake woke PC bs
  3. De420MadHatter

    'Gods of Snooker'.......

    That was a great watch! Thanks for posting.
  4. De420MadHatter

    Kaci pulls a weird flex on Fedor

    And all the chaos & bullshit sleepy Joe is causing while tanking our economy 🙄
  5. De420MadHatter

    Why can’t I just get better?

    If you could run out 8 ball likes it was nothing, by not playing shape, then I would quit playing shape while playing 8 ball. Running out like nothing is the the end result regardless, so if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Me thinks you're full of doodoo.
  6. De420MadHatter

    How many Russian players currently banned from WPA events?

    Man you must believe everything the news tells you. When this all over we'll compare notes. Right or wrong concerning the invasion, Putin is a genius. You can be one to by not letting the media play you for a fool.
  7. De420MadHatter

    EU Sanctions and the Mosconi Cup

    And you would be 180° wrong. Wag the dog.
  8. De420MadHatter

    How do you go about suing a cue builder? Just want to get my cue back.

    Good luck is all I got. Went through this with Leonard Bludworth after he stole my cue. A small claims judgement is useless even if you win. Glad that pos is no longer wasting good oxygen.
  9. De420MadHatter

    Side bets in APA

    Winner winner.
  10. De420MadHatter

    Funeral expenses for Larry Nevel

    It's perfectly legal, minus the burying, but you can do that yourself in an approved location as long as you have permission. Having owned funeral homes, casket stores, and cemetaries(60yrs they've been in the family), you can save alot of money buy avoiding buying anything from them, as...
  11. De420MadHatter

    Record Super Bowl bet....!

    Yep, he's a genuinely good guy, and helps out in a lot of different ways. His bet's are nothing new, and like everything in Texas, he does it BIG.
  12. De420MadHatter

    Could Joe Rogan help with pool?

    Spotify doesn't believe in free speech, why wouldn't he tell them to pound sand? Hopefully Rogan gives them the middle finger and moves on to a better platform.
  13. De420MadHatter

    Fedor Gorst's sponsorship

    100%, why would you think otherwise?
  14. De420MadHatter

    Everything's bigger in Texas

    He still is. Plays like burning hell for $5 a game, or a $10 tournament 💪💪💪 Spent many a yr around him. God bless you TJ, you sorry ass MF 😂😂😂😂.
  15. De420MadHatter

    new/different blood

    Tell em to just fly into Mexico and walk across the Texas border. Probably get a free phone, housing & whatever other assistance they might need 🙄.
  16. De420MadHatter

    The Siberian Express is About to Roll

    Touche.... Dennis has become like Efren in several ways, IMO... Filler may shoot straighter than the known universe, but I like Dennis in this situation.
  17. De420MadHatter

    One Pocket Action Match of the year!

    He does have that rare ability to not make much noise, and then step up out of nowhere and make a lot of noise. The Walken speech from Pool Hall Junkies comes to mind.
  18. De420MadHatter

    One Pocket Action Match of the year!

    Damn!! Alex must be feeling good!
  19. De420MadHatter

    L R Ar pool scene

    Austin Arkansas, not Texas. Tiny town NE of Little Rock. Kromes is the best in the area imo. The VFW in Ward has tournaments on Thurs I believe.
  20. De420MadHatter

    Attention Texas

    Yes it is. We still have a little common sense down here.