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    Anyone know brand of this.

    I think that was Joe Porpers attempt at producing a ball polisher.
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    slate shelf bevel on antique tables

    About 50 years ago I was coming off a drilling rig out in the middle of nowhere TX and went into the local town and found a Mexican pool hall on Main Street. Got a set of balls and went to a table in the middle of the room and started practicing. Just a few minutes later one of the locals came...
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    Seniors One Pocket Tournament 6th Annual

    Hadn't played one-hole in 20 years.....might have to make this trip.
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    Corpus Christi Open 9-Ball Feb 17-18

    Races to 7 both sides, 1000 added w/64, 500 added w/32. $45.00 entry fee by Jan 31 $50.00 Feb !-14 $55.00 after Valentines Day 8Ft Brunswick, Red Circle Cue ball. Texas Express Rules Theo's 5815B Weber Rd Corpus Christi, Tx 210-291-9286 Sponsored by Theo's and Rockin' Robins Billiard Pro...
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    Showboat Joe

    Sad news to report on the eve of the Texas Open, "Showboat" Joe Cromleigh passed away this evening. He was a great friend and competitor at many games. I did my first major event when Joe got sidetracked, and Texas Express was introduced to players from all over the country in 1983...
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    James D. McDermott---RIP

    It is with great regret and sadness that the very first thread I have started on this site was to report the death of cuemaker Jim McDermott. It was only a week ago I was in Wisconsin to attend the funeral of his wife Marilyn. He is now joining her once again.
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    Some old guy......

    Thanks AZ for the birthday wishes. Now where is the cake???????
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    BCA Trade Show Trip

    I didn't see any posts about this years show, so I thought I would give my observations of what I thought was the best show ever. All though the show was small and many dealers had cut back on booth space and number of personel, it was very efficient and what usually took 3 days to see and...
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    Test With Photos

    Testing these photots
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    test #2

    crap.......still cant upload pics...cant even find them now..looks like i will have to put wifey or willee to work.
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    willee test

    first attempt at pics...ooops......not ready yet...still have more steps to do.......
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    beta test

    test one two, test one two