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    Ebony/Curly Redwood

    Cue i just finished. Ebony forearm with four points of Curly Redwood. Segmented Curly Redwood handle with brass rings. Pm for details
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    One of my cues is for sale. $950obo Birdseye forearm Cocobolo points Redwoodlaceburl buttsleeve One shaft elfryon ferrule Ultraskin tip
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    Custom cue giveaway

    We are on our 3rd custom cue giveaway!!! I will be the builder of this upcoming contest!! Go to and go to the Kids Custom Cue Contest page. Have a young individual 16 and under Complete a video answering the questions provided with parental permission ....
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    Redheart/ Ebony 4 point Ellis Custom

    60" radial pin Redheart/ Ebony 4 point Ellis Custom For sale Iis one of my very own Ellis Custom Cues Made from a Redheart forearm Ebony points and sleeve Black/red spec irish linen Custom ebony/redheart rings G-10 radial pin Synthetic ivory ferrule/joint Single shaft, 13mm, layered tip $650 obo
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    Facebook giveaway at 1500 Likes

    Another facebook mystery prize giveaway. Last prize was a Custom Sneaky Pete! :) PHOTO Go here: Like the page Like the giveaway statues Comment & Share Do all this...
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    Ebony Dufferins wanted

    Ebony Dufferin Cues wanted.
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    LTB Linen phenolic brown.

    I am in need of 2 pieces of Brown Linen based Phenolic. NOT Canvas please. 1 inch for a joint (1"diameter) 1 inch for a ferrule. (.526 diameter) I am hoping I do not have to purchase a whole 46 inch rod for 1 cue. I will paypal some $ for helping. Thanks Shawn Ellis Please comment only...
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    WTB Carbide Sanding Mandrels

    Selling your shop? Getting rid of supplies? I am looking for a set of Used sanding/finishing mandrels. Any size any Pin.... .840- .860 etc... Radial, 3/8-10, 5/16-14, etc..... Thanks Shawn Ellis
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    Dalmata from atlas

    Bought a couple peices of dalmata from Atlas and they look great!! I dont see any cues made with this wood.? Is there a reason? I am going to be making some into cues and wanted some input before putting them together. Shawn Ellis
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    tnt max MS

    These tips look ok but the layers are not shimmed evenly Nor are the layers evenly the same color The glue in between the layers also seems harder than most For a medium/soft they also hit like a hard, Very hard. Three of the four tips installed on other players equipment was taken off the...
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    Double Dyed Buckeye Burl Sleeve hoppe Style.

    Thanks for looking. Shawn Ellis
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    Freshly cut short splice blanks

    Here is a couple point cue forearms just cut last week..... all 13.5" at .950"---1.137" Kingswood with Spalted Tam. and veneers Redheart with Gabon ebony SUPER LONG off the cue Birdseye with Cocobolo Kingswood-two tone with Canary wood Curly Maple with Bocote Thanks for looking...
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    Full core Macassar Ebony, Burl

    Seen this Gainey cue for sale and thought I would share it on here! Forearm is Macassar Ebony, the Handle is Philippine Burl, and the Butt Sleeve is Gabon Ebony. The entire Butt is solid Cored. 12.75 tip, 3/8-10 pin This cue is numbered with Roman Numerals and is one of XIX. $800 OBO...
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    found an old cue...real or fake

    Bruswick with made in the republic of china sticker and 21 oz sticker Real or fake? Found with this older metal turquoise colored cue
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    Looking for 5/16-14 quick release insert

    Looking for 2 inserts 5/16-14 quick release Thanks Shawn Ellis EllisCueRepair
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    Ferrule replacement on scorpion jump cue

    I have a customer give me a scorpion jump cue and wants the ferrule and tip replaced with a canvas phenolic ferrule/tip combo. Has anyone ever changed one with the brass ferrule? heres a link to the cue,212.html Should i just Cut the ferrule...
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    pool table for sale *old fischer*

    Hey everyone! Got an Old Fischer for sale. OLD 7' Fischer table ball return not drop pocket 7/8th inch slate (One Piece) Simonis 860 (used) New cushions(1 year old) Modified for foot pegs for easy leveling Located in Chillicothe IL Price is $300 firm *table is already taken apart and we will...
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    Barn find

    Barn find..... Wondering year and model? Thanks all!!! Merry christmas and happy new year's!! Ps.. I put the antler ferrule on
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    show me your redwood lace burl cues

    Like the title says....anyone got any redwood lace burl cues to show off???
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    Cue ID

    Havnt seen a adams cue like this before... whats it worth?