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  1. FrankieD

    Do you watch a lot of pool videos?

    I definitely watch too much pool. I would also put Ko Pin Yi on this list of sharpshooters.
  2. FrankieD

    Premier League Pool (PLP) 6-13 March2023, Leicester- Earl makes his debut !

    This kid is playing great. I think the loss in the Las Vegas 10 Ball sparked an extra bit of confidence in him. I like his confident playing style.
  3. FrankieD

    Template Rack 9-Ball too easy for pros...

    Its seems like last year everyone was trying to figure out the break with the (9) on the spot. Now they all drop the (1) in the side pretty consistently.
  4. FrankieD

    Mika V De Luna Controversy....

    I thought this was pretty funny.
  5. FrankieD

    World 10 Ball Championship 2023 (Feb 28-Mar 4), Winner $60K $226K Prizemoney

    Didn't Shaw slam the Apex tables after some bad roll off in last year's event? I wonder if he chose not to play or simply wasn't invited.
  6. FrankieD

    Savannah “The RoadRunner” Easton using a wood shaft?

    Predator sponsored Wictor Zielinski just won the Vegas 10 Ball with a wood shaft.
  7. FrankieD

    2023 World Pool Championship, Kielce, Poland

    I saw 19,000 live viewers during 2nd Filler / Alex match.
  8. FrankieD

    2023 World Pool Championship, Kielce, Poland

    Uski's kick combo on the 1 for an early 9 with BIH for his only win against SVB (so far) was pretty impressive. The layout was crap anyway, but I don't think I would have shot that in a million years.
  9. FrankieD

    Earl vs Corey 2002 US Open- great seesaw match

    I just watched this one, too. Darn good match.
  10. FrankieD

    Predator rack vs delta 13

    Does anyone know if the Predator rack will fit into a Diamond table's rack slot?
  11. FrankieD

    Dennis vs Chang

    I think they also limit the amount of jumps each player can execute per set.
  12. FrankieD

    Dennis vs Chang

    21 to 19 after day 1. Dennis is in the lead.
  13. FrankieD

    Dennis vs Chang

    I like Chang in this, but you can never count out Robocop on his home turf. This is gonna be a good match.
  14. FrankieD

    Shot of the night, followed by missing a hanger?

    I once heard Ralph Eckert talk about this very thing and it often echoes in my head. I have to paraphrase, but you get the gist. Contrary to the obvious, it is not the low percentage, brilliant shot that is most important when playing pool. It is the shot that immediately follows the...
  15. FrankieD

    Mosconi cup

    Tyler played well, but Alcaide was on a mission.
  16. FrankieD

    Mosconi cup

    This SVB/Earl team match gave me anxiety, but it was all worth it.
  17. FrankieD

    Mosconi cup

    Gawd #%^*+ DAZN stream is still down!!!
  18. FrankieD

    Mosconi cup

    I think fan's choice is going to be Earl Vs Shaw.
  19. FrankieD

    Mosconi cup

    Is it your first time watching the Mosconi Cup?
  20. FrankieD

    Pocket Size

    Commentators just said the sides are 4.5"