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    wts custom Samsara pool cue stick

    Hello I have a custom made merry widow made by Samsara. They said there is know other cue made like it by them. I'm the only owner and had it made for myself. Its waterfall bubinga with very nice birds eye maple handle. Cue comes with two shafts and custom ebony joint protectors. The cue butt...
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    New Meucci pro series 2 and Lucasi LSS3

    FS or TR Meucci Pro Series 2 with extra mezz hybrid pro II shaft FS Newer Meucci pro series 2 made and signed by Robert Meucci himself. Payed $1000 needing cash. Mint condition get the newest BMC cue offered at a discount. Check it out Butt: 13.65oz also have...
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    FS older Lucasi XI pool cue

    Not for sure how old. Thinking late 90s early 2000.Around 19oz cue signed by Jermey Jones. Tiger elephant ear wrap on it with uni-loc joint. Rolls straight and true. New wrap gets in the way of that now though. Very small scratch and ding on butt. Barley notice. Other than that very nice...