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    Ipt Making Good On Promise

    just got my second check from the ipt,looks like they are doing the right thing.
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    Are We Done?

    honestly, if this is the international pool tour forum and the IPT for all practical whatevers, has ceased to exist,then what are we still doing here,besides taking cheap shots at me? just curious,thanks.
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    For The New Year Try This~~~~~~~

    do you want to be a better pool player? are you looking for answers? then try this, for the new year take up 3-cushion billiards. this is the mother of all billiard games and once you see how the balls come off the cushions, you will open your pool world with spectacular kicking and banking,like...
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    if the ipt wasn't crazy and paid on time in reno, and everything went as clockwork this is how i would have imagined how it would have been. well, it's late december 2006,and the international pool tour,better known as the IPT has really made a big splash in the world of pocket billiards...
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    December 8th. Second Payment~~~~~~

    did i hear correctly? december 8th,we get our second check? isn't that the deal?
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    The Biggest Crime Commited By The Ipt

    what was the biggest crime commited by the ipt? was it they didn't pay us at reno? maybe, what i think the biggest crime was is this~~ they never ever promoted the ipt,other than the pool world arena. shame on them, for that, was a bigger crime then not paying us! there is short term gain and...
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    The Skinny On The Ipt And Versus

    ok, i was very very curious, as to what the hell happened to the ipt on versus, it was listed to air the world open in reno on november 27th and then it was pulled in favor of frog leg eating, anyhow, after much kvetching,(jewish for being a pain in the ass) and holding on the phone and...
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    Interesting~~~no Response?!!!!!!!

    i find it interesting there was no response to the thread "that's ok i'll sit in the dark"
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    No Persoanality

    you must understand, i'm not mean, but i can't keep this in anymore, there is one pool ledgend,who has zero persoanlity,this guy is WEIRD!!!!!!!! i mean there is nothing there, like i say i'm not saying this to be cruel, just well, it's 1:30am and this board has been slow, anyhow before i say...
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    Don't Miss This Magazine!!!!!!!!!!!!

    lady's and gents, let me inform you, check this out,when i was at vegas, a guy said who gambles here? and i looked and didn't reconize who the hell he was, anyhow i said who are you? he said my name is micheal kaplan from cigar afficianado and i came here to report on pool and gambling, i said...
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    That's Ok I'll Sit In The Dark

    you know, the ipt went out of it's way not to be seen by a lot of people, whoever attended the tournaments, you can back me up on this, but my god, at the venitian and at the grand seirra resort,both places, the tournaments were held in the way, way way back upstairs around the jive, turn go...
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    Versus Drops The Ipt **********alert

    well my friends it looks like the network VERSUS dropped the ipt. the reno tournament set to be shown nov.27th. has been dropped in place of bbq-cook off. there seems to be no offical annoucment from the ipt or versus as of this moment as i go to press (here) neither the versus network,or any...
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    The Best For Less

    order any billiard supply for $100 and over speak to greg,mention my name bernie friend and get a free gift,billiard glove,box of masters chalk, you name it,as long as it's reasonable,be sure to check out BW cues,these are the best,for less! call 888-809-7665,to look up all the product available...
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    The Break Cue Lie

    it is in my opinion, that a while back, when pool players started buying break cues, that they wer'e told that you can damage your playing cue,so you need a cheaper cue to break with.then manufactueres saw that players wer'e buying cheaper cues as if to not damage their playing cue, so they sold...
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    My Story From The Inside/long Version/uncut!

    if it was 9-ball, or straight pool, i never ever would have even entered,there is no way i could hold my own to the pros in those games, but i figured 8-ball,i'll give it a go, cause when i'm on, MAN i'm on! november/december 2005 the orlando convention center orlando florida,the...
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    Big News Alert!!!!!

    sorry for that title,but that's how the ipt sends e-mails to us when they want us to watch VERSUS,so here is the news, november 27th. at 4? check your local listings, VERSUS takes us back to the scene of the crime,RENO!!!! check it out!
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    KICKING/FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH~~by Bernie Friend

    just thought i'd share some thoughts on kicking,for what it's worth. to me kicking is more sensible than jumping. true it depends on the lie of the shot,yes, but all in all, it's much wiser to kick,than jump. it's a better chance of doing something positive with the object ball, be it playing a...
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    Suppose There Is No Ho!!!!!!

    i just had this horrible thought,i saw this movie with al paciano,where he invents on his computer through thin air a model/actress named samone,anyhow she is a beautiful looking blonde,and he controls her every move and word,through computer and voice enhancment. now i,m just thinking out loud...
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    More Mindless Thoughts

    since i and all other ipt players have recieved our first checks,and have been promised in writing we will be paid in full for reno, i thought i would throw some things out,for us to discuss,it seems that ever since we started to get paid, the fire, the anger has subsided,causing this board to...
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    Monica Lowinsky/trudeau

    this is my take on the situation regarding trudeau not paying players in reno. back when monica lowinsky was giving clinton a hummer,and then it later came out that he might have recieved oral sex from her, clinton's first reaction was to say NO! not true, i did not have sex with that...