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    "Caption This" for March

    I'm gonna keep this chalk upright before I lay it on the table if it kills me first, because I'll never hear the end of it from the AZ Billiards dip squad if I don't.
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    monogramming pool cue case?

    I've had lots of things monogrammed, from clothes to nylon bag coolers to umbrellas. I know for sure a pocket on a cue case can be done traditionally and also vinyl monograms can be done on just about anything. Check with your local boutiques & garden/gift stores that sell items already...
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    It's a Mosconi Cup themed Caption This this month.

    They say you're humble.
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    Mosconi Cup 2022 - Press Conference

    Perfect intro video. It's nice to get a feel for the players different personalities.(y) Now, Earl needs to go in and loosen up & get his head in the moment. Great job!
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    Wildcard Pick For 2022 Mosconi Cup Poll

    Also, while I'm at it...why wouldn't any pool podcast (in the whole wide world) NOT have you & yours on it?!?
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    Wildcard Pick For 2022 Mosconi Cup Poll

    I tried to vote as a lurker & didn't work. How about making it lurker friendly.(y)
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    US Open hard to watch

    Dig, dig, & keep digging more:D
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    US Open hard to watch

    NASCAR vs. nascar:cool:
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    Orange 5 Purple 4 Matchroom

    Don't do that! They get off on the car that pulls up beside you at a red light and pumps the subs sounding like the POS is about to break apart just waiting for a reaction.:cautious::cool:
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    Sorry Fatboy.... the orange 5 is not coming back!

    "Keyboard Warriors" LMAO. "Standardized" even more LMAO.
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    April "Caption This" photo

    I'm supposed to be wearing a kelly green mock neck athletic material polo like yours with ass-grabbing chinos? Ok, I'll take the one ball penalty.
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    Bring Back Hustling Culture

    I'd love to see a Tournament of Hustlers (from 1980-2010)😂 Decked out in their black Hustlin shirts.😂
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    March "Caption This" photo

    The zone. It is what it is.
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    Merry Christmas from the land of the empty cotton fields:)
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    Heck yea & in a Sprinter van:cool: I understand all too well the Covid weight gain. Stay safe & bring your best game🥇🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸.
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    An American Mosconi Cup Captain

    Is that a thing? A previous pro here (USA) that has mastered the 7 & 9 footers.
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    US Open 9-ball updates thread..

    My underdog prediction is Mario He. His mental game is ice.
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    US Open 9-ball updates thread..

    Andre Agassi is one who came to hate his sport. He said he mostly played because of his father.
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    US Open 9-ball updates thread..

    Looks like Bj Ussery is on the hill to advance to winners round 3 to meet Shane Van B.(y)
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    Sky and Shane Squabble

    This competition between 2 top US pros would be good content on a podcast hosted by a retired top pool player interviewing one or both of them. I've seen plenty of squabbles in pro sports and at a WPBA event once with 2 lady pros.