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  1. jokers_wild96

    Looking for Predator BK2

    i got one id sell. its the newer version. it has a small chip in finish at the joint on the shaft. wrapless and has the original tip.
  2. jokers_wild96

    Sold Heavy hitter/bk3/cynergy for sale

    Custom heavy hitter: uni loc joint, samsara tip, about 23oz. Bloodwood and ebony. $250 shipped Predator BK3: sold Cuetec Cynergy: sold
  3. jokers_wild96

    Can anyone identify thi

    Wanna say schon but not 100% sure. But that's my guess.
  4. jokers_wild96

    Black Pheonolic Blues ...

    You can try putting India ink on before you start sealing.
  5. jokers_wild96

    Jacoby ultra super pro shaft turn down

    Not trying to be rude but best one to ask is Jacoby directly.
  6. jokers_wild96

    Help gluing point veneers

    I use the tape method as Phil said. Lay a strip of painters tape down, put the seam of the veneers in the middle. I fold it before the glue to check the seam and edges. Then run a bead of super glue and fold them back up. Put a little piece of tape to hold it closed. Then epoxy your point wood...
  7. jokers_wild96

    Align tail stock on Mid Size Cuesmith lathe

    If your runout is .001" why would you want to keep monkeying with it.
  8. jokers_wild96

    Pool making classes

    I only got the one on finishing.
  9. jokers_wild96

    Pool making classes

    I know. I ordered a dvd last year. Emailed him a question I had after watching it, still waiting on a response. :)
  10. jokers_wild96

    Pool making classes

    If nothing else watch YouTube and buy Chris Hightower book/DVDs. And I think Joe barrenger at cue components has DVDs.
  11. jokers_wild96

    Finishing the cue may be the end of me

    I feel you on this. Finish is the part I dread the most when building cues. I've only been doing this about 4 years and I think I've found a method I like but still always interested in learning what others do. Hang in there.
  12. jokers_wild96

    Bubbles in seal cote

    Are you talking about denatured alcohol. Is that what I see people spraying in epoxy table videos that get rid of bubbles.
  13. jokers_wild96

    Recommendations for black cue

    I had asked a similar question about this for maple extensions. I was told using India ink. Before you put your finish on wipe it on let it dry and finish as normal. Hope this helps.
  14. jokers_wild96

    Trash in my super glue finish

    If your paper towel is getting stuck to the cue you might need to maybe spin the cue a little faster or move the paper towel along the cue faster. Or both. And a decent quality paper towel wouldn't hurt either, the real cheap shit is almost way to thin for it.
  15. jokers_wild96

    Live center question

    Why can't you just put the cue on centers and cut the inlay pockets normally. One side will just be a few thousands bigger. Just make sure to cut deep enough so when the final taper pass is made it doesn't cut all the inlay out. Just my thoughts, don't have a cnc yet but planning on buying one soon.
  16. jokers_wild96

    Ink for signing cues

    I have that problem too using CA as a sealer. I sign on the CA tape off the area around the signature and spray a thin coat of clear acrylic over let it dry then put my top coats over that.
  17. jokers_wild96

    who build custom sneakies

    Kelly Peterson at MVP cues makes full splice cues.
  18. jokers_wild96

    Carbon fiber tube reviews

    Before you even start yes I searched that. Is there anyone here that has had experience with some of the blanks that are out there. What do you feel your customers like the best. What do you think of the quality in production of the tubes. Or anything else you'd like to give your opinion on...
  19. jokers_wild96

    Re finish question

    When you guys re finish a cue with just a few dings or small chips do you remove all the finish and start from wood or do you just patch the bad spots or sand down a little and build it back up. Thanks
  20. jokers_wild96

    Polyester resin

    Has anyone used polyester resin as a finish. Did you like it better than the others. If not why.