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  1. nbkvig2

    Contact for Moderators?

    Sorry, not sure if this belongs in this section of the forum but I didn't find one for technical support or help area. Lately I noticed I can only make posts and respond to posts in "Room Owner" section. Any other posts I can't respond. It throws me the message I either do not have...
  2. nbkvig2

    Pool Lessons in Southern California?

    Wanted to see if anyone know of or had any experience with instructors in Southern California? LA county would be preferable. I did an online search and nothing really came up. Much is appreciated!
  3. nbkvig2

    Snooker Felts in U.S.?

    Hello Guys, I was wondering if anyone know of any retailers/wholesalers that sells Snooker Felts in the U.S.? Our current tables are getting tightened and rails adjusted. It may be a possibility that stretching the felts too tight might cause rips since these have been in use for a year...
  4. nbkvig2

    Best Wholesaler out there?

    Hi guys, I was wondering who would be the best wholesaler -most reputable and hopefully cheapest- out there for supplies such as cuesticks, accessories, etc. I'm looking into selling cues and accessories at my poolhall and so far has signed up with CueStix. I'm just wondering if there's any...