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    Tournament LED table light, great for pool rooms

    How can this be better than my fluorescent shop light?..😄
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    Extreme heat - can it affect someone's game?

    My table is in an in non air conditioned cabin on a small lake. In July and August the heat and humidity make games less enjoyable. Hard to concentrate when you're sweating.
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    What was the first time you realized you’re a strong player?

    Hasn't happened yet 🙁
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    Is anyone still using Ultra skin tips ?

    Happy with ultra skin medium so far. 5 months
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    Introducing a new kid to the game - Cue suggestion

    My grandkids started with the 1 piece dufferin house was a short cue. When they showed interest and respect for the equipment I let them play with the entry level cuetec( doesn't warp and plays well). The 13 y/o got his own cuetec and case. He is pretty proud of it. The other...
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    JB Case

    I like mine... quality built and to my specs.
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    String , couple of 1st generation Predators (the green one) 👽

    Nice cues...I have a 98-2 and 98-3. The 98-3 looks similar.
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    I only play on 7 foot tables. Scared of 9 footers. Not any more😎

    Glad you had a good experience. Know what you mean about long 66 even with glasses distance shots are daunting. I play on an 8 ft table at home. I grew up on a 10 ft snooker table....much easier to transition to a smaller table. Pool hall more enjoyable than playing by yourself.
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    First Cue Help $100-$200

    I have a number of cues, my best are predator 314 circa 1998....but I generally play with a schmelke. Pool dawg has a schmelke for around 100. I have that one and it is a fine cue... Straight and well made. I have 3 Schmelke's and also a flat laminate shaft. Happy with them all.
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    Have 3 Schmelke's plus a flat laminate shaft, all straight and true. One had the wrong tip. Schmelke made it right. Very happy with the cues and the company.
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    What's in your case?

    Case...Joe Proper 2x2 circa 1998 Schmelke bocote break cue 22oz with a hard ultra skin tip. Schmelke playing cue 20 oz with a medium ultra skin tip. Towel, willard dime shaper, bowtie tool, Qwiz and magic chalk.
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    you found 5 grand could only spend on a cue or cues ,what would the pick be ?

    Probably buy 20-25 Schmelke's keep a couple and give the rest away. My most expensive cue is a 98-3 predator 314. But I generally play with a schmelke that cost around $200. Plenty good enough for me. Too flashy a cue would not be my style.
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    Worst and best cue you have ever used

    Yep same was/is junk. Gene
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    Worst and best cue you have ever used

    Worst...Sears 3 pc. Circa 1960's, Terrible feel and the joints were not straight. Best 98-2 Predator 314, still have both.
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    New Here? - Introduce Yourself

    Gene, from Indiana....66 been playing for 58 years. Grew up with a 10 ft snooker table, didn't know the difference between it and a pool table. Great way to learn. Grandkids are now playing, really fun. My eyes and stroke aren't what they used to be but still enjoying the game. Pool table is at...
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    lathe , Would this work and what tools would I need to just do shaft maintence and tips

    My 2 pennies....try replacing tips manually. I am not a craftsman or handy for that matter. Practiced on an old shaft. By the third attempt I was happy with the results. The first two attempts I was not patient enough. Now takes about 30 minutes. Youtube is a great resource.
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    Asking for a friend. What is the best cheaper Sneaky Pete to buy

    Pool dawg has a schmelke for $100. I think it's the best value I have come across. I have 2 other schmelke cues besides this one. All play well. Check it out. Btw also have predators and cuetecs.