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  1. bdr1010

    How to split Amateur/Open

    Where do you draw the line in local tournaments with an Amateur Bracket and also an Open bracket?
  2. bdr1010

    $1200 Added wicked Kitty Open

    9-ball Wicked Kitty Open Race to 7 in OPEN bracket Race to 5 in AMATEUR
  3. bdr1010

    Shreveport 9-ball Open

    Final 16 streaming today for Free! Bobby Johnson vs, Joey Barnes on right now. :thumbup:
  4. bdr1010

    Custom Skull inlay

    Can someone please help me out, I have been looking for weeks. A few years back I came across a pool cue that was obviously a custom one of a kind black cue with white skulls inlaid in it out of ivory. I can't remember who or where I saw it online and have been trying to find it ever since. Can...
  5. bdr1010

    What channels are missing? have compiled a good selection of live stream channels here, just wondering which ones might be missing that should be on the list. Some of the more popular channels I might have missed. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  6. bdr1010

    APA Scotch Doubles LIVE Now!!

    Scotch doubles tourney at racke'ms in Bossier City LA Live now!! Calcutta
  7. bdr1010

    Live Match Now!

    Gary Abood vs. Tommy Martin I know it's an APA match, but it's still two good shooters!
  8. bdr1010

    APA 8-ball team championships of East Texas

    Live streaming now!!
  9. bdr1010

    Live Streaming Now!!

    3 Man Tournament in Bossier City LA
  10. bdr1010

    8-ball Scotch Doubles at Noon!!

    Rack'em is hosting a $1000 add in 8 Ball Scotch Doubles Skill Level Limit 12 Tournament at 12 noon April 17th. $20 entry $20 green fee plus calcutta. APA rules apply and must have 10 lifetime matches in 8 ball in the system. WE WILL LIVE STREAM FOR THE CALCUTTA AND TABLE 5 Click Here to watch...
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    Okay I have searched for days on google, asked other people, other sellers, where do I find a supplier for all cues and accessories? I know all of these websites out there don't all hold their own inventory on those thousands of products they sell, someone out there has to be supplying all of...
  12. bdr1010

    Best Camera for streaming?

    I am about to start doing ALOT of live streaming here very shortly. I was wondering if anyone has any advice to what cameras would be the best to use? I am going to probably use Ustream producer pro and have multiple camera angles so I will need to buy two of them. Any help would be much...
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    Anyone have any good contacts with and billiards supplies drop shipping companies?
  14. bdr1010

    How hard is it?

    I was wondering if my dream will ever come true of opening a pool hall. So I was wanting to ask the owners out there how hard it is to actually open a pool hall? I mean, for a person who doesn't have that much start up capital, but years in the business and the sport itself, and has the tables...
  15. bdr1010

    East Texas and Northern Louisianna

    If you have any upcoming tournaments, or any action that you want to get on the web, then let us know. We will come to your place and stream live for you!! Just visit our site to send us any info you might have for us. Thanks!
  16. bdr1010

    Shreveport/Bossier Area!

    Shreveport/Bossier area, I need some tournament info from you guys. If you know of any weekly or monthly tournaments, or any coming up that need to be posted, please email me or visit the site and use our tourney info form so I can get it listed to the Events page! :wink:
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    Lucasi Hybrids

    Anyone have any interest in these? thanks, Damon
  18. bdr1010

    Lucasi Hybrids

    Let me know if you might have someone in mind that would want these. Thanks!
  19. bdr1010

    Where do I purchase plastic tubing?

    I am looking to start making a few cases on my own. I have the outer materials already and I am looking for a supplier for the inner workings of pool cue cases, the hard plastic tubings, and the outer shell to which I will attach my final materials to. I would like them to be oval as I am just...
  20. bdr1010

    East Texas and surrounding areas into shreveport!

    I need some tournament info PLEASE!! Please send any info you might have on weekly or monthly tournaments to Or just go to the website and submit it on our form. Thanks!!