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    Valley ball return problems.

    Take the rails off and lift the slate only takes about 20 min.
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    Anyone familiar with this table?

    No the rails are not like a valley or dyanmo. But cotact penguin maanfactor and you could ship them there to replace the rubber
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    Do tournments when running a calcutta take a % of the total or does it all go into the calcutte pool?
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    Can someone tell me when runing a calcutta if the room takes a cut from it.
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    Pool cue tip glue for z2 shaft ferrule

    I have used J-B Weld SuperWeld Instant Adhesive and it works well
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    Technique for trimming a cue tip flush with the ferrule

    I use a planer blade it is sharpen one side only
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    New here and pool table move

    I moved mine with a uhaul trailer flip it on its side on to a four wheel dolly put stap around it and wheeled it on to trailer a one man move.
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    Global coin ops

    Are they any good?
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    brunswick gold crown coin op

    i need new rails for this table it is a 4 x 8 table does anyone know where i can get them.
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    cue part supplies n canada

    Can anyone tell me were to buy a compression die and tenons in canada
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    8 ball pool tournament every Friday night moose lodge 3753 lakeshore blvd west toronto 10 entry + 2 green fees 7 pm start :thumbup:
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    8 ball pool tournament at moose lodge 3753 Lakeshore Boulevard Toronto ont every Friday night 7p m start . All players welcome. $10 + $2 green fee maximum of 16 players,if less than 10 players race to 2 on A&B sides over 10 players race to 2 on A & sudden death on B more info contact...
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    Moose Lodge/Center Address: 3753 Lakeshore Boulevard West Etobicoke, Ontario Canada 8 ball tournament Friday nights start time is 7 pm $ 10 entry $2 green fees double elimination 10players &under race to 2 both sides over 10 sudden death on b side more info contact nelson at...
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    open 8 ball at Moose Lodge/Center Address: 3753 Lakeshore Boulevard West Etobicoke, Ontario Canada every Friday night 7pm start $10 entry $2 green fee. 10 players or less race to 2 a & b side over 10 players race to 2 on A Sudden death on b side For more info contact Nelson at...