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  1. ACL

    High Praise for John Schmidt - Player Review

    Because it is slow at work today and I enjoy a train wreck thread as much as the next guy, I just read this whole thread and all I can say is wow...just WOW! Here I was thinking that the cheese had slipped off of Danny's cracker recently. Boy was I wrong! Credit to him for not changing one...
  2. ACL

    DigiBall accuracy

    If you get the parts in and start making them again, I will definitely buy one.
  3. ACL

    DigiBall accuracy

    Looks interesting. I would have tried the DigiCue but I see it has been discontinued.
  4. ACL

    8ft versus 9ft Diamond Pro am (room 17'6" x 14')

    Completely different. For those who don't do it often, it's like playing on an aircraft carrier!
  5. ACL

    ld wood shaft opinions

    I have a Hsunami kielwood shaft and I love it. Great feel, sound, and performance. I will never own anything different.
  6. ACL

    Playing sober, can’t do it

    I am the opposite. When I play league or a tournament, I don't drink until I'm done. My concentration, reflexes, and eyesight/targeting are just not the same for me. As mentioned by a few above, I have learned how to deal with my nerves while sober. To all of this I say, to each his own!
  7. ACL

    Jayson dropping the extension

    After watching him play with the extension for so long, it looks like he is playing a toothpick now. lol He also worked with a snooker coach prior to the start of the PLP and I think it has made a difference.
  8. ACL

    Dr Dave for BCA HOF

    Your body of work clearly illustrates that you have no idea what you're talking about thus your opinion means NOTHING. Most HOF's induct people who have contributed greatly to their sport. Without question, Dr Dave's contributions speak for themselves. Dr. Dave for the HOF!
  9. ACL

    Marco Teutcher forfeit vs Deuel

    I had always wondered what happened earlier in the match. Thanks for filling in that part of the story for me. I asked Jayson about it once when I first started to get to know him and couldn't understand what he was saying because of his accent and the few drinks I had had at that point in the...
  10. ACL

    Dan Harriman's Cue Sports Prep Academy

  11. ACL

    Dan Harriman's Cue Sports Prep Academy

    Just when I thought that tweedle dumb and tweedle dumber couldn't bring the f***ery to another level... It's quite astounding honestly. Who knew that there might be clandestine members of the Buffoonery Academy in our midst?
  12. ACL

    Broken pool cue

    Viking as well
  13. ACL

    Is Now the right time to open a pool hall

    Gotcha. I'm lucky where I live because I am only about 20 minutes from US1, Yale, Bullseye, and Cue n Brew. Plus only 30 minutes from Shooters. It's nice to have so many rooms with 9' tables so close by.
  14. ACL

    Is Now the right time to open a pool hall

    I'm 52 and I don't think it was around when I was playing in the late '80's early '90's. It must have opened and closed before I came back a couple of years ago.
  15. ACL

    Is Now the right time to open a pool hall

    I'm in Hamden.
  16. ACL

    Is Now the right time to open a pool hall

    Me too. Where in CT?
  17. ACL

    Is Now the right time to open a pool hall

    Sorry to hear that man. I hope your life improves some without the stress of trying to keep it going.
  18. ACL

    Is Now the right time to open a pool hall

    Where in southern NE are you?
  19. ACL

    Best online pool coach?

    Anthony Beeler is very good. Knowledgeable and very responsive.
  20. ACL

    Dan Harriman's Cue Sports Prep Academy

    I was today years old when I remembered I missed this type of sh** show. My life has meaning again....