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  1. Apocalypse2017

    Happy Birthday Apocalypse!!

  2. Apocalypse2017

    Would you let your 7 year old have a side arm stroke?

    How can I build a temporary platform for my son to play pool?! Someone patent a solution for this. He will NOT stand and move a milk crate. Maybe a skateboard with a small box? Being from America and I began playing pool at 5 years old. Do to these circumstances I have a horrible stroke at...
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    Happy New Year AZBilliards!

    Hope everyone has a safe and happy new year!!!
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    What are the perfect conditions for a pool table?

    Temp Humidity Elevation East coast/West coast Rail temp/condition Felt Do some pool rooms play differently because of size/number of tables/playing conditions? Do tables play better if the establishment serves food??
  5. Apocalypse2017

    Light suggestions

    I have a drop ceiling with the tv on the wall. I think a hanging light will obstruct my view of the tv from the couch. Should I have an electrician move the existing light or build a custom diamond style light high on the ceiling?
  6. Apocalypse2017

    Stand behind your work?

    Lets say you have a mechanic come to your house. Agree on a price, he assembles the table and decides to tweak something,seam pops and while dissembling cracks the slate. Spends 2 hours repairing the slate. Three weeks later both seams pop. You call and ask him if he can fix the seams...
  7. Apocalypse2017

    Gold Crown I (Central Mass)
  8. Apocalypse2017

    2000 Posts and 2 Billion Rep in the same day!!!

    I'd like to give a shot out to JustaDub for making this possible! I'd like to thank all of AZB for the little gold nuggets of pool wisdom and laughs I have picked up in the last 5ish years. I'd like to thank Mr.Wilson for not moving this to NPR until tomorrow.
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    Things are gettin' pretty serious.

  10. Apocalypse2017

    SVB vs Chang on ESPN now! Dec 9th 2pm est

  11. Apocalypse2017

    How long can you go without playing pool?

    I just moved into the new house and haven't set up the pool table yet. I think its been two weeks since I played a game or practiced. I know you all are thinking just go to the pool hall... Well I've been busy working on the house and haven't had time. I know, I know my priorities must be f'd...
  12. Apocalypse2017

    Brunswick Gold Crown I

    How much would you pay for a Brunswick GC1 in good condition? Original owner purchased around 1970. He passed away and the step daughter is selling. What would be a fair price in this market?? Table is already taken apart and I will be picking it up and having it refinshed at my own expense.
  13. Apocalypse2017

    Schmidt 9 foot table

    What would u pay for a Schmidt 9 foot table in good condition. We are around 2k right now.
  14. Apocalypse2017

    WTT Dewalt Drill for Sneaky Pete

    Like new condition! DC742 12V Only used for a few small jobs around the house. Comes with case, 2 battery's, charger, tons of tips, drills bits etc w/ case . over $180 value! More details or pics if needed. Looking for a nice sneaky pete, possibly new or slightly used predator sneaky w/ 314-2...
  15. Apocalypse2017

    Pool Scenes in Movies Thread

    Can we get a thread that lists all of the movies/TV shows with pool scenes! Video links are a bonus! I'll start Dazed and Confused - One of the best scenes walking in the the emporium!
  16. Apocalypse2017

    Who would you like to see first in the TAR Studio?

    Who would you like to see first in the TAR Studio? List who they would play, what game etc. I'll want SVB vs Alex race to 100 for 25K
  17. Apocalypse2017

    Mika VS Busty on ESPN NOW! 3pm

    WOW! mens pool on TV and its not speed pool or trick shots!
  18. Apocalypse2017

    Anyone seen/tried the new predator pool glove?

    Anyone seen/tried the new predator pool glove
  19. Apocalypse2017

    WTB Preadator Sneaky Pete/ 314 2

    Looking to buy a pred sneaky, no wrap, no joint. Must be new or very lightly used. PM me or post up some pics
  20. Apocalypse2017