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    West Monroe, La $1000.00 + added 9 ball

    12th annual O'Banions Memorial tournament, Oct. 4th 5th, valley bar boxes, 7/5 cut off at 32 players, 60 entry fee 15 green fee, alternating breaks, red circle cue balls, free food both days, free t-shirts for players. 204 pine street, west Monroe, la.71291 318-388-0160 or "good time " Charlie...
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    Tour.results O'Banion's W. Monroe, LA

    1. Glenn Atwell $4700.00 2. Gary Abood 3350.00 3. Lee Brett 2050.00 4. Rivers Sevatio 940.00 5.6. Kenny Loftis 200.00 Sam Wilbow 200.00 thanks to everyone!!!!!
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    $1.000.00 PLUS added 9 ball tournament Oct 5th 6th

    O'Banions 50th anniversary, 11th Memorial tournament; valley bar boxes, race to 7 each side, 60.00 entry, 15.00 green fees, free food and t-shirts. this tournament pays out between 9-14,000.00 each year. give Charlie "good time" Owens a call to reserve your entry. 318-388-0160 204 Pine St...
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    Results-West Monroe, LA tournament

    total payout 10.600.00 top 4 players Gary Abood, Mike Reaves, Ed Hoff, Scotty Townsend. 4,200.00 2,275.00 1,475.00 950.00 525.00 5th-6th 75.00 7th-8th 50.00 9th - 12th great 30.00 entry tournament, great food; and the next one will be even better!
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    W.Monroe, LA $1500.00 added 9 ball

    Action Billiards 1406 Thomas Rd., West Monroe, LA $30.00 entry, limit 64 players, Calcutta Friday nite 7:30, play starts immediately after and resumes Saturday noon, 8 Diamond Pro-cut tables, race to 7 both sides, alternating break, win by 2. call to sign up 318-547-0336 Tournament is Friday &...
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    O'Banions-W.Monroe, LA Oct. 14-15 9 Ball

    the 10th annual O'Banions Memorial is a $1,000 PLUS added 9 ball, race to 5 both sides, bar tables, free food, free t-shirts for players, sponsors. give "good time" charlie owens to reserve your 65.00 + 10.00 green fee spot. this tournament will payout 14-17,000.00 with calcuttas...
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    Make it on the Snap-magazines

    Volume I issues 3 & 4, Johnny Archer & Brian Atchley on covers. issue 3 is good and issue 4 is very excellent. both for 150.00 call three one eight, two three five, nine nine three two if interested. Jack
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    9th annual o'banions 9 ball tournament

    Oct 1st & 2nd, 9ball on bar boxes, $1000.00+ ADDED, race to 5 on both sides, 60.00 entry, 15.00 green fees, calcutta 6pm sharp, tournament immediately afterwards; free food, free t-shirts to players, door prizes, cue raffle. last year added was 1,400.00 give "good time" charlie owens a call...
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    $1000.00 plus ADDED W.Monroe,LA

    annual O'Banions Memorial Tournament, 9 ball, bar tables, race to 5 winners & losers, alternate breaks, calcutta, free food. limited to first 48 players, 45.00 entry fee, 15.00 green fee, open tables. 204 Pine St., West Monroe, La.